Adjustable piano stools

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Whether you are a professional piano teacher teaching out of your home, or your little ones are taking piano lessons at home, an adjustable piano stool can accommodate a variety of student height differences when needed. A piano stool can also be a beautiful and elegant furniture piece that complements any piano from a baby grand to an upright.
Adjustable piano stools:

Adjustable piano stools pictured:
Left: Reclaimed Teak Wood Adjustable Height Piano Stool by Kathy Kuo Home
Middle: Wooden Adjustable Stool in Natural (18″ to 24″) by eHemco
Right: Adjustable Piano Stool Bench by CPS

Most adjustable stools are the single-seating round type.

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Adjustable height TV stand

No matter if you own a 19 inch flat screen TV or a 60 inch flat screen, an adjustable height TV stand can come in quite handy when trying to configure the optimal viewing experience. Depending on the height profile of your seating arrangement and the distance between viewer and TV, you may need to adjust accordingly. Being able to move the stand up or down and have your eyes be in-line with the center of the TV is integral to a perfect viewing experience.
Adjustable height TV stand:

Adjustable height TV stands pictured: Left: Z-Link ZL56444MU TV Stand for 44-Inch TV, Vitoria Glass by Z-Line / Right: AVF FSL930CHEO-A Chepstow Combination TV Stand and Mount – 930 – Oak Color

Adjustable tables for kids

There’s not too much you can do when children grow out of their clothes, other than give the clothes away to those who can use them. But adjustable tables for kids are designed to “grow up” with your kids by simply extending the table legs to accommodate your child’s growth spurts when needed. Also great when one or more kids are a little bigger than the others, as you can just raise the table a bit to fit everyone comfortably.
Adjustable tables for kids:

Adjustable tables for kids pictured: 24”W x 48”L Height Adjustable Rectangular Plastic Activity Table (green) by Flash.

Electric adjustable bed with massage

In recent years, the lack of a good night’s rest has been linked to several physical and psychological issues that could impede one’s health down the road. To counter such health issues it would be wise to get upwards of seven or more hours of sleep a night. However, this may not be possible if you are stressed and not relaxed enough to fall asleep. An electric adjustable bed with built-in massage can help you relax more while the adjustable bed function can allow you to dial in the right positioning for a deeper, restful sleep.
Electric adjustable bed with massage:

Electric adjustable bed with massage pictured: Leggett & Platt S-Cape Adjustable Beds

Adjustable ergonomic desk

Working at your desk for eight hours or more a day is beginning to register as a possible long term cause of various health ailments. A current trend in rectifying this issue is to allow workers to stand at their desks instead of always sitting. In this regard an adjustable ergonomic desk is a great way to correct your posture, increase blood flow and even help with weight loss as you burn more calories standing than sitting. A great addiction to any work force or home office.
Adjustable Ergonomic Desk:

Adjustable ergonomic desk pictured: Height Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Desk – Espresso by Reo-Smart