Adult kick scooters

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Hanging out with your kids can be a great bonding experience as well as just plain old fun. But if you find that you’re a tad too old for a skateboard, and when on your bike you feel too removed from the action on the ground, consider buying an adult kick scooter. It’s kind of like having a bike and a skateboard in one. Great for cruising down a hill or a park pathway with your kids, with a bike helmet on of course, and also great for just hopping on the scooter and heading on over to the convenience store to pick up the paper or some milk. A fun way to get around at any age.
Adult kick scooters:

Adult kick scooters example. Pictured: Micro White Scooter by Kickboard USA – KickĀ® Scooters by micro

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Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Ooh-la-la, I must get myself one of these costumes. I’ll have a “swimmingly” fishy good time in my “adult mermaid costume” I know I’ll attract other fishes of oceanic proportions. The tide is high right now to buy a costume, so I must be swimming on. I’m giving all of you a ‘fishtail’ wave goodbye.
Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes:

Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: Franco American Novelty Company Sexy Mesmerizing Shimmering Mermaid Costume
Right: Charades Adult’s Sequin Mermaid Dress Costume (Size:Large 11-13)

Adult Tandem Tricycle

Riding in tandem turns the rather ordinary activity of riding a bike into a whole other kind of experience. Literally a bicycle built for two, an adult tandem tricycle is a great way to get outside and exercise, or leisurely explore the neighborhood around you with a friend or loved one. And, if you add a basket to it, you can combine exercise with some light shopping. A great way to get around.
Adult Tandem Tricycle:

Adult Tandem Tricycle pictured: Freedom Concepts Adventurer Tandem Pediatric Tricycle