Full size loft beds for adults

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There is no doubt that kids love loft beds, mostly because they are just plain fun. But there is plenty for adults to appreciate too. These beds save a lot of space, which is ideal when dealing with a small room or apartment. The area under the bed can be used to put a small couch, a dresser, or even a desk. In fact some models come with desks incorporated into their design.
Full size loft beds for adults:
full size loft beds for adults
Full size loft beds for adults pictured: Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed, Black by DHP

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Inflatable chairs for adults

If you find yourself entertaining a lot and always in need of extra seating, you could buy a bunch of folding chairs, or you could go with a funkier alternative that you blow-up. A set of inflatable chairs for adults can be air pumped in minutes and can last for months until you deflate them. Just make sure that the inflatable chairs you buy will actually fit an adult comfortably and are not just for children.
Inflatable chairs for adults:
Inflatable chairs for adults
Inflatable chair for adults pictured: 36″ Inflatable Blow up Chair (Blue) by BeWild

Onesies with feet for adults

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If you are looking for fun sleep wear to not only wear in bed but around the house on those rare, lazy days, buy yourself and the rest of your family a set of onesies with feet. Not only do they look really cute on the kids, but they are also very comfortable as adult lounge wear when all you want to do is feel like a kid again for a few hours on a Saturday morning.
Onesies with feet for adults:
Onesies with feet for adults
Onesies with feet for adults pictured:
Left: SleepytimePjs Adult Solid Red Fleece Footed Pajama (Sml)
Middle: Big Feet Pjs Pink Hoodie Plush Footed Pajamas w/Drop Seat
Right: Big Feet PJs Green Micro-polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas NO Drop Seat

Cotton onesies for adults

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Whether for yourself or for the whole family, wearing cotton onesies is definitely a comfortable way to spend an evening, or even a full day, doing the stuff you love to do. And while they may not replace your favorite pajama set for sleeping in, a onesie can be worn throughout the night when the temperature begins to dip. In fact, you may want two pairs of onesies: a cotton pair for warmer weather and a fleece pair for when the chilly air takes over.
Cotton onesies for adults:
Cotton onesies for adults
Cotton onesies for adults pictured:
1- Footed Pajamas Baby Blue Adult Cotton
2- Footed Pajamas Baby Blue Adult Cotton, yellow
3- Footed Pajamas Ferrari Red Adult Cotton
4- Footed Pajamas Baby Pink Adult Cotton – Double XL/Wide

We tend to think of onesies as something babies wear, but these are available in kid and adult sizes as well.

Space saving beds for adults

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Whether for a child’s bed-room or an adult’s bed-room, if you are having issues with limited space and have tried every furniture placement possible, you might want to consider a loft bed. A loft bed is like a bunk bed except with no bottom bed. Instead, you have an open space under the top bed for adding a desk, bureau, chairs or whatever you like. This frees up space, providing an area that can be used to declutter your bedroom or just give it more breathing space.
Space saving beds for adults:
Space saving beds for adults
Space saving bed for adults pictured: Dorel Home Products Full Loft Bed, full/double, silver.