Asian jewelry armoire

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If you are in the habit of buying expensive jewelry for the woman you love, consider the purchase of an Asian jewelry armoire to keep her valuables organized and in one central location. The added value in all this is of course the beautiful design and elegance of an Asian armoire, especially one that is hand crafted and hand painted.
Asian jewelry armoire:
Asian jewelry armoire
Asian jewelry armoires pictured:
Left: Chinese Jewelry Cabinet – Tibetan Flower Motif by ChinaFurnitureOnline
Right: Black Lacquer Jewelry Chest with Pearl Motif by ChinaFurnitureOnline

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Jewelry storage armoire

Although jewelry can be kept and organized in a variety of ways, using existing furniture or inexpensive plastic containers, if you have a large collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and the like, you may want to invest in a jewelry armoire in order to do your collection justice. These cabinets usually consist of small drawers as well a mounted rods and hooks made to hang necklaces.
Jewelry storage armoire:
Jewelry storage armoire
Jewelry storage armoires pictured:
Left: Powell Mission Oak Jewelry Armoire by Powell Furniture
Middle: Gold & Silver Safekeeper Trifold Jewelry Cabinet By Lori Greiner
Right: Oriental Furniture High End Oriental Cabinetry, 67-Inch Ming Black Lacquer Jewelry Armoire Chest

Not only are these practical, but some of them are quite beautiful and elegant, featuring paintings or ornate feet and corners.

Home office desk armoire

It’s a great feeling when one realizes that they need to upgrade their home office, usually meaning that business is going well. One great way to add more storage is to add-on an office desk armoire which can make a seamless addition to your home office desk. And if you don’t have enough room to add both, then you might consider buying a secretary desk with hutch, which allows you to have the storage space an amoire offers, with a built in work station that can double for your desk.
Home office desk armoire:

Home office desk armoire pictured: Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire Abbey Oak.