Lime green artificial flowers

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If your thumb is any color but green, you might want to look into adding artificial flowers to your home or office rather than trying to maintain the health and conditions of real flowers. There are some artificial flowers and bouquets that look astonishingly real, adding both color and beauty to any decor without the high maintenance of keeping them alive. The only thing you’ll ever have to do is dust them on occasion.
Lime green artificial flowers:
Lime green artificial flowers
Lime green artificial flowers pictured:
Left: House of Silk Flowers Artificial Triple-Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement
Right: Artificial 25″ Single Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid by House of Silk Flowers

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Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding

Having a bunch of flower arrangements in one’s home makes a room look and smell fresh, but can be quite expensive when the arrangements need to replaced. Artificial flower arrangements however can look just as beautiful as the real thing while saving you a lot of money down the road. A little tip before you begin arranging your flower bouquet: start off with whatever green filler base you are going to have first, then follow up with your bigger and more colorful flowers until you have the arrangement you want.
Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding:

Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding pictured: Left: Peony & Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement by Nearly Natural (white) / Right: Amico 17.3″ High Hot Pink Artificial Flower Bush Wedding Arrangement Home Decor.

Artificial flower pin

An artificial flower pin is a great addition to any wardrobe and can typically be worn as a brooch, belt accessory or even as a decorative piece in your hat. They also make a great children’s gift or Mother’s Day gift. And if you’re the do it yourself type, you can easily make your own artificial flower pin at significantly less expense than buying one at a fashionable boutique or kiosk.
Artificial flower pin:

Artificial flower pin examples pictured: Top left: Cosmos Artificial Flower Pin Brooch, light pink / Top right: Marigold Artificial Flower Pin Brooch, Orange / Bottom left: Magnolia Artificial Flower Hair Clip/Pin Brooch, blue / Bottom right: Sophia Rose Artificial Flower Hair Clip/Pin Brooch, green. All by Yves Decor

Artificial tree branches

If you have ever wondered what use an artificial tree branch has, here are a couple of tips. Artificial branches can be used as a prominent center piece for any reception or event either on their own or in a flower arrangement. They can also be used in the home to liven up a bare area. Simply find a tall vase, place the tree branches inside and add stones or rocks to hold the branches in place. A great decorating idea.
Artificial tree branches:

Artificial tree branches pictured: 36″ Artificial Twig Branch Bundle with Green Leaves by CC Home Furnishings, sold by Christmas Central.