Temporary backsplash

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If you’re living in an apartment or home that is rented, you may not have as much freedom as you would like to put up a back-splash in the kitchen. In such a case, a temporary back-splash can be installed using decorative self-adhesive vinyl decals that can be easily taken down when it comes time to move. You might have to repaint the wall however as the color may as the surrounding paint may discolor over time.
Temporary backsplash:

Temporary backsplash pictured: Lot 26 Studio ADD-HERES Wall Decals, Nouveau Scroll Tiles, 24-Inches Square

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Black glass backsplash

When thinking about adding a backsplash to your existing, or soon to be renovated kitchen, you need to consider the following: what type of materials will be used and how will it complement the overall style. As an example, if you have a classic country themed kitchen, you would not want to add a modern black glass backsplash but instead would opt for a rustic or stone backsplash that would blend in more.
Black glass backsplash:

Black glass backsplash pictured: Project Base 3/4″ x 3/4″ Glass Mosaic in Black Basic by Casa Italia

Red tiles for kitchen backsplash

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Instead of spending a lot of money on a room makeover, sometimes all you need to do is to add a hint of a bold color to liven up a room. For example, adding a red tile back-splash in your kitchen can create a bright, warm tone that grabs your attention. This is a simpler and less expensive alternative to re-painting the entire kitchen, saving you both labor and cash.
Red tiles for kitchen backsplash:

Red tiles for kitchen backsplash pictured: Glass Mosaic TILE for Bathroom, Kitchen, Backsplash, Wall – Blocco Series, Fireberry (10 sq.ft.) by Martini Mosaic

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Removable kitchen backsplash

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There’s no doubt that a modern day kitchen benefits from having a backsplash behind the stove area or sink area. However, adding a backsplash is a costly endeavor and if you decide to move, well, hopefully you can add the cost into the final selling price. Unless of course, you install a removable kitchen backsplash. This way, if you do decide to sell the house, or if you happen to live in an apartment where you can’t make too many changes to the walls, a pre-assembled, removable backsplash definitely makes life a little easier.
Removable kitchen backsplash:
Removable kitchen backsplash - 2
Removable kitchen backsplash pictured: Self Adhesive Backsplash Wall Tiles by C & H Inc

Removable kitchen backsplash - b2
Lot 26 Studio ADD-HERES Venetian Tiles Wall Stickers, 11.25 x 22.5-Inches. Easy to apply and remove.

What makes a backsplash or any other wall treatment removable depends on how it is applied.

Copper tiles kitchen backsplash

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Having a country styled kitchen, especially in a busy urban home, provides one with a sense of warmth and comfort that is greatly appreciated at the most stressful of times. If you own such a kitchen and are looking to create a framed backsplash behind your old style oven or cooking range, a copper tiled kitchen backsplash can offer you a trendy, yet old-fashioned look that can appeal to everyone looking to create a little atmosphere of yester-year.
Copper tiles kitchen backsplash:

Copper tiles kitchen backsplash pictures: Fasade Traditional 6 Moonstone Copper Backsplash Kit, by Acoustic Ceiling Products