Fireplace basket grates

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Whether you plan on using a fireplace basket grate to burn wood or as a decorative grate for a gas burning system, you need to make sure that the you buy the right size grate, taking into account the width, depth and height of your fireplace opening. You also might want to check out a grate fire front and an ash pan for safety reasons as well as to complement your fireplace usage.
Fireplace basket grates:
Fireplace basket grates
Fireplace basket grate pictured: Cast Iron Log Basket Grate by Plow & Hearth

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Canvas basket truck

If you have ever been behind the scenes at a post office, you have no doubt seen those large basket trucks they use to manually move large amounts of mail around the facility. There are similar canvas or vinyl basket trucks that you can use for other purposes as well. Large amounts of laundry can easily be carted from room to room with these basket trucks and they can also be used when dealing with home projects and renovations.
Canvas basket truck:
Canvas basket truck
Canvas basket trucks pictured:
Top: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural
Bottom: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Heavy-Duty Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural

Black laundry basket

If your laundry hamper is situated in the laundry room, it might not be a big deal what it looks like. But if you have one in other rooms of the house, you might want one that can blend in nicely with the decor or color theme of the room. A black laundry basket can fit nicely in most rooms as a neutral color and depending on the material it is made from, can be a complementary addition to its surroundings.
Black laundry basket:

Black laundry baskets pictured: Left: Quality Rattan Design – 23″ Water Hyacinth Rush Grass Laundry Clothes Hamper Basket – 3 Colors (black pictured) by ORIENTAL FURNITURE / Right: 2.0Bushel BLK Hamper, black by HMS

Wicker basket with handles

A wicker basket with handles can be used for a variety of tasks such as carrying around food items for a picnic, as a laundry basket for small loads, bread basket for placement on a kitchen counter, and as a bathroom toiletry holder. A wicker basket also looks nice in its classic design and will look great on any counter, bureau or table as a display case of sorts. people often use them as magazine holders as well.
Wicker basket with handles:

Wicker basket with handles pictured: Household Essentials Oval Shaped Woven Willow Laundry Basket with Cotton Lining

These are best used as what could be called “decorative storage”.

Wicker storage basket set

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There’s something wonderful about taking a cluttered room or a specific area of a room and decluttering all the garbage and junk that is not needed until you have a clean and orderly room that you can find things in. One way of getting the clutter off the floor or from the top of a cluttered surface space is a wicker storage basket set. Clean and nice looking, a wicker basket adds a stylized look to any room that is in need of compartmentalized storage. DVDs, kids toys, books and pretty much anything else you can pick up and stuff in a drawer warrants having its own storage basket.
Wicker storage basket set:

Wicker storage basket set pictured:
Badger Basket Three Basket Set, white

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