Walk-in bathtub with door for seniors

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Bathing is something we take for granted, but for some seniors, it can be a difficult task. Getting in and out of a bathtub can be very difficult for someone with limited mobility. One way to make this easier is to outfit your bathroom with a walk-in bathtub especially designed for seniors. This type of tub features a swing door that allows easier access in and out of the bath, and the door shuts with a water tight seal.
Walk-in bathtub with door for seniors:

Walk-in bathtub with door for seniors pictured: Thera-Tub Step-In Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub

Of course, these have to be professionally installed. There are some alternatives though, such as seats made especially for getting in and out of the bath. Some of these seats have to be mounted to the tub, which may be complicated. Others are stand-alone models, but one does still need some dexterity to use them. If you opt for a new tub, make sure you do your research to find out what people who own the different models and brands have to say about them.

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Bathtub Handheld Shower

If you are like me, you live in an older house with no shower, just a big old bathtub that is oh so comfortable, but not too convenient for quick bathing. For this reason I purchased a bathtub handheld shower extension hose that fits onto the spout of the bathtub with ease. This way I can use the handheld shower when I am in a hurry, like in the mornings before work, and when I want a more leisurely bath, I can easily remove the extension. A win-win all around at a fraction of the cost I would have to pay to install a shower.
Bathtub Handheld Shower:

Bathtub Handheld Shower pictured: Danco 10086 VersaSpray Handheld Shower, White