Beach cottage baby bedding

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One of the fun decisions new parents get to make is how to decorate baby’s room. One option to consider is beach cottage baby bedding. They may feature printed patterns that like fish, seashells and starfish, or a more subtle and simple combination of pastel colors. Either way, if you are looking to decorate your baby’s room at the cottage, there are plenty of beautiful bedding options out there.
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Beach cottage baby bedding pictured: My Baby Sam Barefoot Dreamin 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Blue/Brown

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Beach motif bedding

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One of the most beautiful bed-and-breakfast style inns I ever stayed at featured a beach theme of warm pastel blues and coral colored bedding and window dressing. The beauty of this room gave me the idea to create my own home away from home style bedroom using beach motif bedding that I bought online. I chose pretty much the same earthy and sky blue tones and picked a bedding set of small fish and dolphins. Now every night when I go to bed, I imagine myself in a dreamy, far away land with nothing but the sound of the surf and the sweet chirping of birds, a great way to begin a peaceful night of sleep.
Beach motif bedding:

Beach motif bedding pictured: Seashells, Beach Themed, Nautical Queen Comforter Set (8 Piece Bed In A Bag) by Kreative Kids

Beach cottage crib bedding

Decorating a nursery for an upcoming birth can be a tad stressful. One thing that should not be an issue is what kind of bedding your new-born will be comfortable sleeping on. Beach cottage crib bedding will have your child sleeping like…well…a baby in smooth 100-percent cotton bedding. The design is also soothing and fun. Definitely a wonderful way to start a life.
Beach cottage crib bedding:

Beach cottage crib bedding pictured: Trend Lab 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set – Surf’s Up