Green velvet bedspread

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There is nothing quite like the look of velvet. It has a shine, but a subtler kind of shine than silk. And then there is its texture. It feels soft and yet has a bit of rigidity to it. A fabric such as velvet deserves a color that lives up to its luxurious feel. A nice dark green, or a celadon green, depending on the look you are going for in your bedroom, should do nicely. Make sure to read the included care instructions before washing.
Green velvet bedspread:
Green velvet bedspread
Green velvet bedspread pictured: Empress Silk Velvet Quilt Sets – Queen – Celadon

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Corduroy bedspread

A corduroy bedspread adds a nice look to any bedding set and should last you a long time depending on the quality and how one takes care of it. When it comes to cleaning corduroy, always make sure you check out the instructions provided for by the manufacturer. When in doubt, wash the bedspread in cold water on the hand wash cycle before placing it in the dryer using the permanent press cycle for delicate items.
Corduroy bedspread:
Corduroy bedspread
Corduroy bedspread pictured: Newpoint Microplush Corduroy Comforter Mini Set in black. Available in quenn, king & twin.

Green chenille bedspread

Comfortable, warm and durable, a chenille bedspread should last you a good long time if you take proper care of it. There are basically two ways to clean your bedspread: by hand or by machine. If you choose by hand, you’ll need to soak your bedspread in your bathtub with some Woolite, cleaning off the stains and dirt manually, then gently press the soap out of the bedspread before hanging it to air-dry. If you decide to use your washing machine and dryer, make sure to use cold water and to use the delicate cycle. Also use the delicate cycle on the dryer if you don’t want to air dry, which should be your first choice.
Green chenille bedspread:

Green chenille bedspread pictured: Textile and Linen Rural Charm Collection All Natural 100-Percent Cotton Chenille Twin Size Bedspread by Textile and Linen

Red and white bedspread

As Valentine’s Day nears, you may want to add a romantic overtone or two to your bedroom. By simply adding a red and white bedspread to the mix, you can create a warm, romantic and inviting bedroom, that looks elegant and stately. Add a few Cinnamon scented candles, low lighting and some soft music, and you have a second honeymoon suite that won’t break the bank.
Red and white bedspread:

Red and white bedspread pictured: Victoria Classics Poppy Queen Comforter Set, 8-Piece

Black and red bedspread

Adding a splash of color to a bedroom is as easy as laying down a black and red bedspread on your bed. However, you may want to give some thought prior to that, in regards to the rest of your decor and/or color scheme. Or, if you don’t want to go with a complete bed set, toss some black and red throw pillows on your bed for a dash of color without going over-board.
Black and red bedspread:

Black and red bedspread pictured: Red Black Guitar Comforter Bedding Set Full/Queen by comforter.