Beige chaise lounge with storage

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No matter how big or small your living space is, additional storage is always welcome. However, if you do live in a small space, adding furniture like a chaise lounge with storage compartment can be a great way to keep your environment clutter-free while enjoying a lazy afternoon or evening relaxing in style and comfort. Great for storing magazines, books, multimedia remotes and whatever else you can fit in it.
Beige chaise lounge with storage:
Beige chaise lounge with storage
Beige chaise lounge with storage pictured: TMS Leena Storage Chaise, Beige

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Beige wedding suits

If you’re considering wearing a beige suit to a wedding, there are a couple of things to think about. First off, make sure to give the wedding invitation more than a cursory glance because it may provide details on whether or not the dress code for guests is formal or casual. If formal, then a beige suit just won’t do. Secondly, if you can, find out what the groom is wearing. Chances are he’ll be decked out in a black tux or some equivalent look, but in the off chance that he will be wearing a beige or light-colored suit, you don’t want to upstage his look.
Beige wedding suits:

Beige wedding suits pictured: Left: Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli Suit ROBERTO, beige / Middle: Polo Ralph Lauren Purple Label Mens Suit Tan Khaki 2 Button Silk Italy / Right: Gianfranco Ferre GF Suit ALFREDO, beige

Beige suits for men

When thinking about what to wear to go with your beige suit, consider a variety of blues to be the color of the shirt you wish to wear, with something in the light blue range being the best choice fashion wise. Your tie should also be light in color with tasteful striped lines that accentuate the overall look of the shirt and tie. In contrast, shoes can be a dark brown or black with same colored socks to match.
Beige suits for men:

Beige suits for men pictured: Left: Polo Ralph Lauren Purple Label Mens Suit Tan Khaki 2 Button Silk Italy / Right: Gino Valentino Wool / Silk 3 Button Jacket Flat Front Pants Custom Working Buttonholes Beige Tan

Beige leather dining chairs

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When choosing a dining room set, finding the right color combination is just as important as the style of table and chair. Most folk might just pick a color that matches the look of the wood used to the make the table, hutch and other dining room accessories. But a neat way to make your dining room “pop” is to choose a contrasting color for your chairs. For example, if you have a dark wood dining table, then go for a cream or beige colored dining room chair. This contrast will make your table stand out more and will liven up the room in a tasteful way.
Beige leather dining chairs:
Beige leather dining chairs image
Beige leather dining chairs example. Pictured: The beautiful New Pacific Direct Bentley LB Leather Chair.