Outdoor wicker storage bench

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It’s always a good thing when a piece of furniture can have multiple uses, especially when you have limited space. This is the case with storage benches. You can store all sorts of gardening implements in them, without the need for a separate storage box. Look for models that are topped with a cushion, as they are more comfortable to sit on for long periods.
Outdoor wicker storage bench:
Outdoor wicker storage bench
Outdoor wicker storage bench pictured: Deeco Consumer Products All Weather Wicker Belize Bench and Storage Trunk

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Mud room storage bench

Setting up a mud room in your home to act as a barrier between the elements outside and what people may track indoors takes a little bit if planning. The floor covering should be one that is easily cleaned like tiles or linoleum, wall mounted racks for wet clothing and a storage bench so folks can sit down when putting on boots and such.
Mud room storage bench:

Mud room storage bench pictured: Monterey White Cubbie Bench by Prepac

Wooden garden storage bench

If you like to use your patio, deck or back-yard for reading, or just relaxing, a wooden garden storage bench can be a wise choice as a comfortable seat and storage unit for back-yard tools, childrens’ toys or soccer balls and the like. Depending on how the wood has been treated, you may want to keep it out of the rain and snow as it might not do well with harsh weather conditions. Make sure to ask the salesperson’s advice first if you plan on keeping the bench out in the open.
Wooden garden storage bench:

Wooden garden storage bench pictured: Achla Designs Storage Bench

Modern teak bench

A modern teak bench makes a wonderful addition to many areas in your house but if you have pets, children, smokers or other variables that can mar the finish of your teak bench then you may need the following: Teak Oil, dusting rag, an oiling rag and a well ventilated area. Wipe off your bench with a damp cloth and apply the teak oil by following the directions on the bottle. By doing this regularly you will have a great piece of furniture that will last you a good long time.
Modern teak bench:

Modern teak bench pictured: Teak Bench with Aluminum Folding Legs Width: 30″ by Teakworks4U.

Wood bench with storage

A wood bench with storage compartment is a great way to add storage space to a room or area that is lacking in such. The wood bench looks nice in most decors and acts as another piece of furniture. One or two people can use it as an extra seating space. The storage area inside the bench can then be used to hold linens, toys, towels, bedding, clothes and whatever else you can place inside. Great for at the foot of a bed or in a vestibule or entrance way.
Wood bench with storage:

Wood bench with storage pictured: Safavieh American Home Collection Padstow Antiqued Pewter and Honey Oak Wooden Storage Bench