Hunter green blanket

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Although some may tend to think of dark colors as being masculine, this is not necessarily the case for hunter green. You could say it is gender-neutral. It goes well with brown and beige, and so a hunter green blanket in a bedroom decorated with those colors should look great. Whether you are looking for a blanket or throw made of wool, cotton or fleece, you should have no problem finding one in the particular shade of green you desire.
Hunter green blanket:
hunter green blanket
Hunter green blanket pictured: Luxurious MicroMink Sherpa Soft Blanket, Hunter Green by Clara Clark

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Lime green throw blanket

If you’re looking to buy a gift for your mother, favorite aunt, sister or niece, consider a warm and comfortable throw blanket. While such a gift might not seem personal enough, chances are the lucky recipient will love the idea of cuddling up on the couch or in their favorite chair underneath the soft warmth of the throw to watch some TV or read a book. Of course, you can make the gift more personalized by buying the throw in their favorite color be it lime green, burnt orange or other color they love.
Lime green throw blanket:
Lime green throw blanket
Lime green throw blanket pictured: Dreamfountain Exquis Faux Fur Plush Throw

Silk edge fleece blanket

With the cold weather upon us, keeping warm and comfortable at night is a major priority. To stay toasty warm throughout the night, cover yourself up with a good quality silk edge fleece blanket. To keep your fleece blankets clean throughout the years, remember to wash them only in cold or lukewarm water with your washing machine on the gentle cycle. And don’t use bleach or fabric softeners as these may damage the blanket over time. You can however use a dryer sheet for static purposes.
Silk edge fleece blanket:
Silk edge fleece blanket
Silk edge fleece blanket pictured: Empress Silk Plush Blanket. Available in Full, King, Queen & Twin.

Sherpa fleece blanket

Whether you are camping out on a chilly night, or you just want to keep cozy while watching TV, a Sherpa fleece blanket has you covered, literally! The dual fabric of faux-mink and lambswool fleece blankets work to keep the warmth in while feeling soft to the touch. With a variety of colors, fabrics and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the right combination to suit your needs.
Sherpa fleece blanket:

Sherpa fleece blanket pictured: Port Authority- Mountain Lodge Reversible Fleece and Sherpa Blanket. BP40, fireside brown.

Blue fleece blanket

When you first buy a fleece blanket you might be surprised as to how thin the fabric feels. But when you wrap it around yourself, that first impression will surely fade given that they are very warm and quite soft to the touch. Whether you use your fleece blanket as a bed sheet, a convenient throw, or when traveling by car, train or plane, you’ll appreciate the warmth and comfort it provides.
Blue fleece blanket:

Blue fleece blankets pictured: Left: Imperial 50 x 60 Inch Ultra Soft Fleece Throw Blanket, blue, by I Love This Value / Right: All For Color Cozy Fleece Blanket – Navy Blue