Heated car blankets

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No matter how plush and padded your car seat may be, if they are cold, they just won’t feel comfortable. Thankfully there are electric blankets equipped with 12-volt connectors that plug into your car’s lighter connection. Your passengers can then get toasty while waiting for the car’s heater to warm up sufficiently.
These blankets are available in a variety of colors, but odds are that is not what matters most to you. The important thing is how quickly they heat up and how soft they feel.
Heated car blankets:
heated car blankets
Heated car blanket pictured: Vector VEC240 12-Volt Electric Travel Blanket

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Car blankets for dogs

When dogs sit in one place regularly, the area tends to get covered with dog hair, and with dirt from their paws. If your dog rides in the back seat of your car, you could use a dog blanket to protect the upholstery. Of course, the blanket will get hairy and dirty, but it should be much easier to clean than the car sets themselves. Look for a blanket that will not slip and that is waterproof for added protection. Available in many different styles and colors.
Car blankets for dogs:
car blankets for dogs
car blankets for dogs pictured: Dog Throw Blanket by National Van Equipment

Hand knitted baby blankets

For the crib, stroller or for being held in one’s arms, a hand-knitted baby blanket is comfortable, soft and perfect to have your baby wrapped up in or laying on. When it comes time for washing, make sure you know how delicate the yarn is and wash accordingly. Some cotton yarn for example need to be washed in warm water and on a delicate cycle, while other more lacy yarn, might need to be washed by hand and air dried.
Hand knitted baby blankets:

Hand knitted baby blankets pictured: Babykins Hand Knitted Diamond Baby Blanket 30 Inch Length By 36 Inch

Textured blankets

When trying to save energy and heating during the winter, turning the thermostat down at night when you go to bed helps to keep the heating bills low, providing a cooler temperature to sleep well in. Textured blankets featuring an allover weave make getting into your bed really cozy on a cold winters night and keep you warm as you sleep. The textured look also makes an attractive addition to your bed sheet set.
Textured blankets:

Textured blankets pictured: Left: Martha Stewart Collection Blanket, Textured Yarn Throw Green / Martha Stewart Textured Yarn Blanket Throw 50″ x 60″ Chocolate Brown.

Furry blankets

If you’re trying to save on the amount of heat you use in your home by turning down the thermostat in the evening, furry blankets can provide you with warmth and comfort as you lay in bed or snuggled on the couch sipping a hot beverage. And not only do they keep you warm, they look good as well in various animal faux fur prints like minx, chinchilla and leopard.
Furry blankets:

Furry blanket pictured: Brentwood Originals High Pile Faux Fur Throw, Leopard Cream.