Fur Throw Blankets

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A warm fur throw blanket can come in nice and handy during the cold weather months. Of special interest, at least to me anyway, is a tiger patterned throw blanket. It is stylish and looks oh-so warm. This is the kind of throw blanket that calls for immediate curl up time. And of course it is faux fur as opposed to real fur.
Fur Throw Blankets:

Fur Throw Blankets example. Pictured: Scene Weaver Journey Faux Fur Throw, Tiger, 50 x 70-Inches

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Organic Cotton Blankets

These days, everybody talks about natural products, going green, environmentally safe. Organic cotton blankets fit right in with those ideas. Made with natural fibers and safer for our bodies and skin. Great gifts to give to those friends who are concerned with the planet. Available in several colors and sizes.
Organic Cotton Blankets:

Organic Cotton Blankets example. Pictured: Organic Cotton Blanket by Organic Cotton. Size: full/queen

Foil Blankets

Foil blankets are in essence, emergency blankets. The idea is simple: the body heat that you lose is reflected by the foil. Note that, being thin, these types of blankets are not good at keeping cold out. They are made to keep heat in. If you buy foil blankets, make sure you find out exactly how to use them properly.
Foil Blankets:

Foil Blankets pictured: Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ x 52″ (4 Pack) by Mylar Blankets

Wool Army Blankets

If you are looking for wool army blankets, then you are looking for something that is solely practical and functional rather then decorative. These are not the types of blankets that one snuggles up against. They are designed to keep you warm, and to not be bulky. If that’s what you’re looking for, then wool army blankets are the way to go.
Wool Army Blankets:

Wool Army Blankets example. Pictured: GREY 50% WOOL RESCUE BLANKET by rothco.

Thick Blankets

If you’re like me, you like the feel of a thick blanket on you as you get into bed. In fact I often leave the bedroom window open in early fall, just to have a good excuse to use my extra thick blanket. It’s the best way for me to get a good night’s sleep
Thick Blankets:

Thick Blankets pictured: ComfortTech 3M Thinsulate Micromink / Faux Fur Cyprus Blanket