Closet ironing board

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If you have master closet big enough where you can freely walk around, a pull out ironing board installed in a closet drawer can be convenient when you quickly need to press a shirt or pair of pants. Granted, you could easily do the same thing in the laundry room, but if you don’t have a laundry room, you may not want a full-sized ironing board in plain sight for all to see or stuffed into a small utility closet.
Closet ironing board:

Closet ironing board pictured: Pull Out Ironing Board With Ball Bearing, Soft Closing Slides by Home Storage

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Commercial ironing board

If you have a large family and find that you spend way too much time ironing sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, table cloths and everything else that needs to be ironed, you may want to consider buying a commercial ironing board that can easily take care of your most demanding ironing needs. And while the price tag may seem way to high for a “glorified ironing board”, consider the time you will save ironing larger items, let alone the cost of having third party businesses do it for you.
Commercial ironing board:

Commercial ironing board pictured: Miele : B990 Rotary Iron for Professional Results

Round thick cutting board

As important as a good set of quality kitchen knives, a cutting board is essential in the preparation of a variety of food dishes. But, while you may have the best round thick cutting board there is, you may want to think twice about using it for the cutting of poultry, seafood or beef. There are concerns regarding the cross-contamination of food and for safety’s sake, it’s best to use a combination of a glass or plastic cutting boards for raw meat and another board for everything else.
Round thick cutting board:

Round thick cutting board pictured: John Boos 18″ Round American Cherry Chopping Block

Rectangular ironing board

As surprising as it may sound, there are more than just one style of ironing boards. One such ironing board is actually rectangular, allowing more room to maneuver, and is the favorite “go-to” ironing board for those who do lots of quilting. The most popular ironing board for quilters is the “Big Board” which is a rectangular ironing board that makes it easy to iron fabric and quilt tops. Of course, if you do regular ironing, a regular shaped ironing board is just fine.
rectangular ironing board 1
Rectangular ironing board pictured:
Reliable Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Tables

Door mounted ironing board

If you have little closet space and need a place to store your ironing board when not in use, you may want to look online or at you favorite hardware store for a back of door ironing board holder. This is an easy solution if you have a space problem, and you may even find one that has hooks for coats, towels or aprons, along with a small storage area for cleaning products or brushes. Even if you have an “old school” heavy and bulky ironing board, most back of door holders can accommodate your storage needs.
Door mounted ironing board:

Door mounted ironing board pictured: Household Essentials 144211 Over-the-Door Ironing Board with Steel Mesh Top