Space saving ironing board

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Whether you live in an apartment, or a small University dorm room, we all have to do laundry and ironing at least a few times in our lives regardless of how big or small our living space is. With that in mind, a space saving ironing board comes in very handy when it’s time to iron out those wrinkles. The good folk at Polder’s have come up with an almost portable ironing board that allows you to iron away on any hard surface or table top. Then when you’re done, simply stow the board away under the bed or in the closet until next time. Very convenient!
Space saving ironing board:

Space saving ironing board pictured: Over the Door Folding Ironing Board by Household Essentials

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Shirt sleeve ironing board

If ironing wasn’t enough of a chore, ironing shirts can make it seem like more of a burden than it should be. There is however, something that can hopefully make life a little better, and that is a shirt sleeve ironing board. This is a small ironing board that allows you to simply slide your shirt sleeves over the ironing board providing an easier way of accessing the sleeve and cuffs. This is also a great add-on for pants as well, and think about how much money you’ll be saving not having to take your shirts to the dry cleaners.
Shirt sleeve ironing board:

Shirt sleeve ironing board pictured: Household Essentials Tabletop Sleeve Ironing Board with Steel Top

Extra tall ironing board

Ironing is definitely not one of those chores that many people look forward to. And if you happen to be taller than the average guy or gal, you know how hard it is to iron with a regular ironing board without your back and shoulders hurting. A practical solution to this problem would be to buy an extra tall ironing board that would allow you to comfortably iron without pain or discomfort. If for some reason you cannot find one locally or online, there are a few sites on the Web that will show you how to literally build one from scratch using items you probably already have in your home.

Ironing board pictured: Household Essentials Fibertech Top Bronze Finish 4-Leg Ironing Board with Natural Cotton Cover by Whitney Designs

Dorm ironing board

College life is, without a doubt, quite exciting. Usually it’s your first time away from home and you are totally independent and hanging out with people your own age. What is not so exciting, is when you realize that all those things your mom used to do, like laundry and ironing, is now your responsibility! There’s good news however, especially if you live in a small dorm, as the traditional, and sometimes bulky ironing board can be replaced by an ironing blanket. Using a desk, bed or floor, you just lay your clothes on top of the specially designed blanket, which is heat resistant, and iron away. And when you’re done, it fits nicely in a drawer or closet. Easy and simple.
Dorm ironing board:

Dorm ironing board pictured: Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board with Pull out Iron Rest

Small ironing board for sleeves

Ironing boards especially made for sleeves, although sometimes already attached to full-sized boards, can be bought separately. They are sometimes advertised as also being travel ironing boards. Their small size make them easily transportable. They are probably a little awkward to use on anything other than sleeves, but when no other option is available, they come in handy.
Small ironing board for sleeves:

Small ironing board for sleeves pictured: Sleeve Board, Padded by Newhouse Specialty.