Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker

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The main advantage of a microwave egg cooker is consistency. Although we think of microwave cooking as being quicker, it may not be so in this case, since you have to fill up the cooker, put in the eggs, cook, and wait a bit for the cooker to cool down before handling it.
Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker:

Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker pictured: Micro Egg Microwave Egg Cooking Cup by Egpro.

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Electric Boiled Egg Cooker

Filling a pot with water and putting in some eggs is easy enough, so why would you want an electric boiled egg cooker? The answer is consistency. These units are designed to cook eggs at the perfect temperature for consistent results every time. And if the reviews of some models are to be believed, they work very well.
Electric Boiled Egg Cooker:

Electric Boiled Egg Cooker pictured above: Aroma AEB-917 Egg Boiler, Stainless.