Bookcase entertainment center

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When you have a small living room area but would still like to showcase your reading, viewing and music collection out in the open, a bookcase entertainment center can be an all inclusive unit for your stuff. Books, DVD’s, CD’s, flat screen TV’s and the necessary accoutrements that go with all that can fit nicely in one central area without being spread around in different areas of your living room.
Bookcase entertainment center:

Bookcase entertainment center pictured: Ikea Expedit Entertainment Center Tv Stand up to 55″ Flat Screen Tvs

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2 shelf wood bookcase

A small 2 shelf bookcase works wonderfully in the kitchen as a means to keep your favorite cookbooks and recipe boxes out in the open for easy access, and depending on the width of the bookshelf, you could use the top part of the shelf to place a small microwave on or some kitchen nick-knacks. Of course, a small bookcase will fit into most any small space and is great for organizing your books or magazines.
2 shelf wood bookcase:

2 shelf wood bookcase pictured: Winsome Wood 2-Tier Bookshelf, Natural

TV bookcase

I remember during my college bachelor days that my TV sat on a few milk crates while my VCR and DVD player were placed on a small end-table. My gaming consoles were littered all around the TV along with the game boxes and so on. That however all changed when I moved in with my fiance. We ended up buying a TV bookcase with glass doors that housed our flat screen TV as well as all the other stuff that goes with it. Now I can finally see everything in its place and can find a game or a movie at a glance.
TV bookcase:

TV bookcase pictured: Chrystie Entertainment Center by IcOn Furniture Collection, sold by Ardin Furnishings.