Decorative glass bottles

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If you’re fond of making and giving homemade gifts to your friends and family members, you know how important it is to get the right model when choosing decorative glass bottles. You want to make sure that the bottles you order are the right size and uniform in design. Also, and this is especially important if you are ordering the bottles from an online source, you want to make sure that any colored glass bottle you purchase is the exact color that you had ordered. Sometime the colors can be darker than displayed, so you need to take that into account when coming up with a gift idea.
Decorative glass bottles:

Decorative glass bottles pictured: Orange Vintage Colored Glass Bottle (cone design), & Chartreuse Green Vintage Colored Glass Bottle (round design). Both by Luna Bazaar.

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Glass bottles with corks

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Corked bottles can be used for decorative purposes. Some people like to fill them with bath salts of different colors, which makes for a great homemade original gift. Colored bottles are beautiful just the way they are, and many people like to keep them on a window sill, to let the sun shine through them, projecting beautiful colors in the kitchen. You are only limited by your own imagination.
Glass bottles with corks:

Glass bottles with corks example. Pictured: Bormioli Rocco Country Home Assisi 8 1/2 Ounce Bottle, Set of 12

Empty Glass Bottles With Corks

Prior to the Web, if you were an amateur wine maker or soda pop enthusiast, you may have had problems getting your hands on a decent supply of empty glass bottles and their respective fitted corks. Thankfully, this issue is no longer the case. With almost instantaneous results, you can go online and find cool and exotic glass bottles on E-bay or straight from the manufacturer from the comfort of your own home. How wonderful is that!?
Empty Glass Bottles With Corks:

Empty Glass Bottles With Corks pictured: Olive Oil Bottle W/ Cork Stopper 16Oz Green Tint-616 By Tablecraft

If you want bottles that are purely functional, clear glass will probably do.

Colored Glass Bottles With Corks

Colored glass bottles are a wonderful and easy way to decorate a kitchen, but they are useful too. A corked bottle adds a rustic touch to the look of the bottle, and of course, it also helps keep the contents fresh. So for a practical and beautiful container, opt for colored glass bottles.
Colored Glass Bottles With Corks:

Colored Glass Bottles With Corks pictured: Colored Glass Bottle in Blue, Purple, Yellow and Pink w/Cork Stopper ~ 10″ tall

Glass Spritzer Bottles

The glass spritzer bottle can have as many uses in your home as you can imagine. One cool way of using a spritzer bottle is in the kitchen, as a means to control the amount of oil and vinegar on a salad. Fill one spritzer bottle with oil, and another with vinegar. Then apply to salad with a couple of spritzes from each bottle. You get a controlled amount of both oil and vinegar without drenching your salad in liquid calories. A must have item for any calorie conscious individual.
Glass Spritzer Bottle:
Glass Spritzer Bottles picture-1
Glass Spritzer Bottle pictured: Retro 8 ounce Glass Olive Oil Bottle Sprayer by American Chateau