Individual cupcake gift boxes

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If you’re an amateur or professional baker, a great way to package your cupcakes is with individual boxes that are just the right size for one cupcake. It’s a nice gift to bring at a dinner party, rather than bringing a bottle of wine or a whole cake. Of course, you could also use cellophane bags, but boxes are just a bit more fun a cute, especially the ones that come complete with a ribbon to tie in a bow.
Individual cupcake gift boxes:
Individual cupcake gift boxes
Individual cupcake gift boxes pictured:
Top left: Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Cupcake Boxes, Pack of 24, Color: Filigree
Top right: Creative Converting Presentation Station Individual Cupcake or Candy Favor Boxes, Peppermint Swirl, 4 Boxes Per Package
Bottom: Kate Aspen Set of 12 Sweetness and Light Cupcake Boxes

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Litter Boxes for Big Cats

If you have a large cat who seems to constantly miss the litter box when it comes time to do their business, you may need a bigger litter box. Either your cat will unintentionally miss the mark so to speak, or the little box may just be too small for your large cat to comfortably maneuver in. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this problem which is to buy an extra large or jumbo litter box at your local pet store or online. Your cat will thank you.
Litter Boxes for Big Cats:

Litter Boxes for Big Cats example. Pictured: Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

As much as love our cats, we usually hate the unsightly cat litter box that we need to keep out in the open, especially if we live in a small apartment. A great way around this is to purchase hidden cat litter boxes. These litter boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from decorative clay pots to designer litter boxes that look and function like everyday furniture. The one problem is that these items are usually a tad expensive, ranging in price from $50.00 to over $300.00. However, if you are desperate for a solution to the littler box problem, then spending the extra cash may be worth the cost in the long run.
Hidden Cat Litter Boxes:

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes example. Pictured: Cat Litter Box Cabinet Mahogany by PE

Ferret Litter Boxes

Ferrets are so darn cute, and so smart. Who doesn’t like these furry creatures. Ferret litter boxes resemble bunny litter boxes in all aspects: sizes, styles and colors, and in fact they are interchangeable. Ferrets are easily trainable pets. They learn very quickly how to pee and poop inside these boxes.
Ferret Litter Boxes:

Ferret Litter Boxes example. Pictured: Marshall Ferret Litter Pan, Lock-on

Bunny Litter Boxes

I don’t know if you noticed that those cute little fluffy creatures called bunnies poop constantly. Bunny litter boxes come in triangular styles, rectangular styles, square styles, and round as well. You can either fill it with hay, grass or litter. These boxes are easy to maintain and clean too.
Bunny Litter Boxes:

Bunny Litter Boxes example. Pictured: Super Pet Rabbit Long John Litter Pan, Colors Vary