Small brass telescope

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If someone you know has a nautically-themed room, a good present for them could be a small brass telescope. It is a beautiful decorative item, that is also fun to play with. The perfect knick-knack, if you will. Be aware that some of these small telescopes are made to be mostly decorative, and don’t work very well in terms of an eye-piece, while some others – more expensive models – also work very well as telescopes.
Small brass telescope:
Small brass telescope
Small brass telescopes pictured:
left: 15″ Handheld Brass Telescope with Leather Case – Nautical Collector by ITDC
right: Brass/Wood Telescope on Stand 17″ -Vintage Telescope – Small Brass Telescope by Handcrafted Model Ships

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Brass Handheld Shower

The beauty of a handheld shower over the fixed, traditional version shower-head, is the greater flexibility and control one has in directing the water flow. From bathing an infant or pet, to cleaning the bathtub and shower area, a handheld shower-head can isolate hard to get at areas better than the traditional, stuck to the wall apparatus.
Brass Handheld Shower:

Brass Handheld Shower pictured: Peerless 76513PB 5-Spray/Massage Hand Shower, Polished Brass by Alsons.

Brass Shower Caddy

Brass shower caddies come in different types: Hanging caddies, free-standing models and corner models. Brass is a beautiful metal, and when caddies are solid brass, and not plated, they are rust resistant. This beauty and durability come at a higher price however, then chrome, stainless steel or cheap plastic.
Brass Shower Caddy:
polished brass shower caddy picture-1polished brass shower caddy picture-2
Brass Shower Caddies pictured:
Left: Gatco 1477 9.5in. Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf
Right: Gatco Shower Caddy