Wooden breakfast trays

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There’s nothing sweeter than having you husband and/or children serving you breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Juts makes sure that they have the right breakfast tray to serve you with or your food may end up all over your lap. A wooden breakfast tray with holdable legs can accommodate most good intentions as a steady and solid platform without making a mess. Getting it from the kitchen to your bed however, is another matter entirely.
Wooden breakfast trays:

Wooden breakfast tray pictured: Compact Bamboo Wood Bed Breakfast Food Serving Tray by Furniture Creations

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Breakfast tray with legs

Treating your husband or wife to breakfast in bed is always a great to start the day or weekend. Keep in mind though that not every flat surface is suitable for plates, cups and cutlery as there is a tendency for those things to easily slide off onto the bed. A stable breakfast tray with legs however, will keep everything firmly on the tray while being high enough to allow for comfortable eating without having to rest the tray on one’s lap.
Breakfast tray with legs:

Breakfast tray with legs pictured: Winsome Wood Sedona Bed Tray Curved Side, Foldable Legs, Large Handle