Mens burgundy velvet blazer

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Looking good and dressing well doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount on clothes. The classic combination of blazer, white Oxford shirt and casual dress pants or jeans can add flare and hipness to any wardrobe. You would be surprised how many celebrities and young professionals look great in a mens burgundy velvet blazer, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Of course, for those extra special occasions you may want to dress a tad more formal by swapping out the t-shirt and jeans for a dress shirt and slacks… sneakers optional!
Mens burgundy velvet blazer:

Mens burgundy velvet blazer pictured: Jimi Hendrix Style Velvet Stage Coat Burgundy Rocker Coat by Rock n Roll Religion

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Burgundy Leather Dining Chairs

The luxuriousness of burgundy leather will surely add a high degree of elegance and sophistication when swapping out your old dining room chairs for new ones. Add the deep richness of burgundy to any dark wood dining room set and you have a winning combination that will make all your dinner parties a smash hit!
Burgundy Leather Dining Chair:

Burgundy Leather Dining Chair pictured: Parsons Dining Chair by Office Star