Country style storage cabinets

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If you’re tired of the sleek, yet generic modern look in many of today’s kitchens, consider going in the opposite direction by decorating your kitchen with a style from a more simple time. Country style storage cabinets can bring back memories of your grandma’s kitchen with antique looking hutches, buffets, credenzas and sideboards in a variety of tones and materials.
Country style storage cabinets:
Country style storage cabinets
Country style storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Home Styles Small Wood Bakers Rack with Two Door Hutch, black
Middle: Target Marketing Systems Extra Tall Pine Cabinet, honey
Right: Home Styles Nantucket Pantry – Distressed White

Generally you would want your cabinet to match the style of the room (a country style cabinet in a country style kitchen) – but depending on the color of the cabinet, you may be able to mix styles.

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Tall file cabinets

If your filing cabinet is full to capacity and you need more storage space for papers, you could either buy a second regular-sized filing cabinet, or you could replace the full one with a tall, 5-drawer cabinet. The advantage of the tall filing cabinet is that you will be able to keep more papers without having to use up any more floor space. So if you have a small office, consider this option before you buy.
Tall file cabinets:
Tall file cabinets
Tall file cabinets pictured: HON 310 Series Drawer Full-Suspension Letter File, 5-drawer, in black & charcoal

Small bathroom storage cabinets

Small bathroom storage cabinets are practical and handy, and these pieces of furniture add a little bit of class to your bathroom. Great for storing rolled up hand towels, along with folded facecloths, toiletries, tissues, rolls of toilet paper and other items. Of course, larger cabinets can store more, but in a small bathroom, you can only dedicate so much space to a cabinet or any kind of furniture.
Small bathroom storage cabinets:
Small bathroom storage cabinets
Small bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Catskill White All-Purpose Kitchen Storage Cabinet
Middle: Chesterfield Floor Cabinet by Elite
Right: Ellsworth Single Door Floor Cabinet – White by RiverRidge

Small storage cabinets with doors

Whether you live in a small apartment, or you have small rooms in your house, you may need to add some storage space in the form of small cabinets that can easily fit in any bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. And don’t worry about the decorative aspect of storage cabinets as they come in a great variety of styles, colors and dimensions to suit your decor and storage needs.
Small storage cabinets with doors:
Small storage cabinets with doors
Small storage cabinets with doors pictured:
Left: Gifts & Decor Wood White Finish Home Decor Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Middle: Chesterfield Floor Cabinet with Drawer by Elite
Right: Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Floor Cabinet With Single Door, White

Decorative file cabinets

If you work out of your home or rent a small office to meet with potential clients, you want it to be both functional and attractive. One way to do this is to add decorative file cabinets to the mix. Filing drawers housed in a fine furniture design can fit nicely in practically any room regardless of the decor.
Decorative file cabinet:

Decorative file cabinet pictured: Edge Water Two Drawer Lateral File Estate Black Finish by Sauder