White shower caddy

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White is a very common color when it comes to bathrooms. It reflects a lot of light, and so it helps keep the room bright. When it comes to bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower curtains, medicine cabinets and towel bars, white is an obvious choice. Or you could get these items in bright colors, as an easy way to break up the whiteness of the room.
White shower caddies:
white shower caddy
White shower caddies pictured:
Left: Zenna Home 480W, Corner Bath and Shower Caddy, White by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation
Right: 1 piece of Metal Vinyl-Coated Shower Caddy – 21.5″H by Mighty Gadget

In terms of shower caddies, there a many options to choose from, regardless of color. First there is the choice of materials.

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Stainless steel corner shower caddy

When you’re in the shower, it’s important to have all that you need within close proximity. Shampoo, body wash, soap, conditioner, shaving cream, razor and whatever else you use can fit nicely in a variety of specifically designed shower caddies. Most shower caddies are easy to install and use suction to stay firmly attached to the shower wall. Consider buying stainless steel shower caddies as they should not rust or collect mold and stay looking good with just a minor cleaning after each shower.
Stainless steel corner shower caddy:
Stainless steel corner shower caddy
Stainless steel corner shower caddy pictured: InterDesign Power Lock Reo Corner Basket, Stainless Steel

Freestanding shower caddy

When taking a shower, the last thing you want is to reach for something, only to realize that it is on the other side of your bathroom. Having a freestanding shower caddy in the corner of your shower (or at least near the bath) will allow you to have all that you need in one area. Shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner, razors and louffas or wash clothes can all be easily accessible without having to interrupt your showering time.
Freestanding shower caddies:

Freestanding shower caddies pictured:
Left: InterDesign Axis Three Tier Tower Shelf
Middle: Three Shelf Corner Caddy in Chrome Plate by Organize It All
Right: Zenith Slimline Floor Stand, Chrome

Bronze shower caddy

Once you step into the shower, you usually don’t want to come out until you’re good and ready. But if you have ever been half way through your washing routine only to realize that what you need is over by the sink or in a cabinet, you know how truly annoying that can be. A shower caddy can help you avoid those untimely annoyances by holding all that you need in one central area for easy access. Shampoo, conditioner, soaps, brushes, combs, louffas, shaving cream and razors, all can be easily accessible with a very simple installation.
Bronze shower caddy:

Bronze shower caddies pictured: Left: InterDesign Cora Shower Caddy, bronze finish / Right: Zenith Products Over the Shower Caddy, Heritage Bronze.

Gym shower caddy

Whether you’re using the showers at the gym, public swimming pool or you’re staying a few nights at a friends house, a gym shower caddy or shower tote bag can make you feel at home by allowing you to bring your favorite soaps, shampoos, louffas and other personal shower items into the showers with you. Make sure that your caddy is big enough to accommodate large towels and possibly a change of under garments.
Gym shower caddy:

Gym shower caddy pictured: Honey Can Do Quick Dry Shower Tote