Ferret cages

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If you live in an urban setting, you have probably realized at some point in time that pets are safest when in-doors. This may be especially true if you have a ferret for a pet and while it’s great to be able to have the little fur-ball run around the apartment, you might not always want this. A great solution would be to buy a large enough cage for your ferret to run, jump and climb around as they are prone to do. This way, when you are not home, you can feel good that they are safe and happy.
Ferret cages:

Ferret cages pictured: New Large Wrought Iron Double Cage w/ Slide Out Divider 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Cage 61″Length x 18″Depth x 56″Height W/Stand on Wheels *Egg Shell White* by Mcage. Sold by Rowland Direct Wholesale.

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Small guinea pig cages

Not all guinea pigs are created equal and some are smaller than others. If you find that your pet guinea pig is smaller, you may need to buy a guinea pig cage that is designed for the smaller guinea pig. Consideration of the wire mesh floor and surrounding enclosure is important because you don’t your guinea pig to fall through the wire mesh, or have trouble walking around the cage. Also, you don’t want your pet guinea pig to try and squeeze their way out of the cage, which can happen if placed in a cage for larger guinea pigs. Talk to the pet store clerk about getting the right size cage for your pet to live safely and comfortably.
Small guinea pig cages:

Small guinea pig cages example. Pictured: Super Pet My First Home Complete Starter Kit / Guinea Pig Kit

Medium Sized Ferret Cages

As long as a ferret cage is fairly sturdy, then this is no reason to get an expensive cage. However be aware that animals like ferrets, rabbits and even guinea pigs need room to be healthy. So if a cage is sturdy, but has a cheap price solely because of its size, you may not be giving your pet a very good living environment. Opt for a bigger cage.
Medium Sized Ferret Cage:

Medium Sized Ferret Cage pictured: New Medium 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Cage 24″Length x 16″Depth x 24″Height *White* by Mcage

Large Guinea Pig Cages

In order to keep your guinea pig happy, he or she has to have plenty of room to play and climb. Large cages give your lovable pets that room, so that they can be comfortable. Usually you will pay more for larger cages, but the happiness of your pet is worth it. Of course, before you get a jumbo cage, you have to be sure that you have the room for it.
Large Guinea Pig Cages:

Large Guinea Pig Cage pictured: Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat by Midwest Homes for Pets

Extra Large Gerbil Cages

If you have more than one gerbil, then an extra large gerbil cage is the way to go to keep your gerbils healthy and happy with plenty of room to move and frolic. Your children will get a blast seeing their furry friends having the time of their lives!
Extra Large Gerbil Cages:

Extra Large Gerbil Cage pictured: Hamster Rodent Gerbil Mouse Mice Critter Cage – H4294PU by Xtreme-Cage

Extra Large Gerbil Cages example. Pictured above: 35x22x51 Inches Large Rectangle Cat Pets Animal Cage 2 Wire Door Playpen Free Hammock Benches Ladders for Home Indoor Outdoor Kennel Rodent Living Habitat Birdcage