Portable camping toilet seat

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There are a few options when it comes to going to the toilet while camping. One is to get a portable toilet. These are self-contained units that you can put bags into. Another option is a toilet seat that is designed to fit on a standard five gallon bucket. Perhaps the simplest one, (other than squatting in the woods) is a seat with legs. With this you have the option of simply setting it up in the woods, or placing a container under it.
Portable camping toilet seat:
portable camping toilet seat
Portable camping toilet seat pictured: TravelJohn Foldable Commode /Chair (Olive Drab)

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Double camping chair

Whether you’re camping, attending a sporting event or local outdoor concert in the park, or just wanting to relax in the backyard with your sweety, a double camping chair sounds like the ideal way to go. That being said, you may want to do a little online research first to see what other buyers have to say about certain brands not being strong enough or secure enough to sit two people comfortably. You may want to buy two solid folding chairs in the end.
Double camping chair:

Double camping chair pictured: American Camper 2 Person Fold Up Chair

Folding camping table

Exterior activities > accessories > collapsible camp table
To some, camping is synonymous with “roughing it”. But to others, it means enjoying nature and relaxing. If you are the latter type, then a simple luxury like a folding table may be in order. It keep your food off the ground, puts it at a more comfortable eating level, and it can be used for many activities other than meals. Look for models that fold up easily, and that are lightweight. Some models will even fit into a handy carry pack, which is definitely a space saver.
Folding camping table:

Folding camping table pictured: Table in a Bag Low Portable Table with Carrying Bag

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