Full size canopy bed frame

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If you would love to have a canopy style bed in your bedroom, but the expense is prohibitive at the moment, there maybe ways to imitate a full size canopy bed frame until you have the money to buy the real thing. One way to do this would be to take a L-shaped curtain rod and attach it to the ceiling. You won’t be bale to have a full closure effect, but you’ll get pretty darn close. You can also simply hang curtains over your bed for a dreamy, pseudo canopy look.
Full size canopy bed frame:
Full size canopy bed frame
Full size canopy bed frame pictured: Laurel Canopy Bed by Night & Day Furniture. Available in Full, Queen and Eastern King sizes

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Beach chair with shade canopy

Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, a beach chair that comes with a shade canopy can be a great way to enjoy the sun, surf and sand without getting roasted by the sun. Make sure to buy such a beach chair with an adjustable canopy so that you can make sure the little ones are covered as they nap or enjoy some quiet time. Of course, you can also do the same and as the sun moves, simply adjust the canopy to your liking and go back to enjoying the good life.
Beach chair with shade canopy:
Beach chair with shade canopy
Beach chairs with shade canopy pictured:
Left: Quik Shade Fully Adjustable Folding Beach Recliner with Carrying Bag (Lime Green)
Middle: Bravo Sports 149578 Four Seasons Courtyard Shade Chair with Canopy and Carry Case, Red Polyester
Right: Texsport Kid’s Canopy Chair, Assorted

Outdoor canopy dog bed

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If your dog spends a lot of time in the back-yard, treat him or her to their very own made-in-the-shade outdoor canopy dog bed. A canopy dog bed provides an off the ground platform for your dog to rest or sleep on while the canopy part helps to shield your pooch from the harsh sun. One thing to keep in mind when you buy a dog canopy bed is to allow your dog to approach it on their own. You can try to get them to lie on it right away, but it’s best to let them figure it out for themselves.
Outdoor canopy dog bed:

Outdoor canopy dog bed pictured: Puppywalk Breezy Bed Ultra royale, For Dogs up to 100 Pounds by Kittywalk Systems Inc

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Queen canopy bed frame

Some of the more luxurious hotels and bed and breakfasts I’ve stayed in over the past ten years or so have had one unique feature that I have loved: a large canopy bed. When done up right, a canopy bed can be quite breath-taking and it’s no surprise why they are sought after items in very expensive hotels. If you have upwards of a thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket you can buy a canopy framed bed and turn your bedroom into a 5 star night-time destination.
Queen canopy bed frame:

Queen canopy bed frame pictured: Yuan Tai Furniture SR8200Q St. Regis Queen Bed

Wood canopy bed

Nothing can match the luxurious look of a canopy bed. It is the Rolls Royce of beds. If you decide to get one, make sure your bedroom is large enough for it. Canopy beds tend to look too imposing in small rooms. You also need a fairly high ceiling, or your bed may end up looking gigantic.
Wood canopy bed:

Wood canopy bed pictured: Queen Bed inCherry Finish by Famous Brand, sold by Home and Living.