Beach canvas tote bag

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When you’re off to the beach, a brightly colored beach canvas tote bag can hold all the items you need to fully enjoy the day. Sunscreen, some beach towels, a book, a water bottle and more can be carried to and from the car with little to no hassle. These same tote bags can also be used for grocery shopping and carrying school books to class. They also make great gift bags for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.
Beach canvas tote bag:
Beach canvas tote bag
Beach canvas tote bags pictured:
Left: Large Canvas Bright Tote Bags (1 dz) by Fun Express
Right: Large Neon Canvas Tote Bags (1 dz) by Fun Express

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Canvas basket truck

If you have ever been behind the scenes at a post office, you have no doubt seen those large basket trucks they use to manually move large amounts of mail around the facility. There are similar canvas or vinyl basket trucks that you can use for other purposes as well. Large amounts of laundry can easily be carted from room to room with these basket trucks and they can also be used when dealing with home projects and renovations.
Canvas basket truck:
Canvas basket truck
Canvas basket trucks pictured:
Top: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural
Bottom: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Heavy-Duty Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural

Mens canvas coat

A canvas coat is a popular coat for working outdoors on jobs that require upper body mobility without having to deal with a coat that drapes below the waist that can hamper movement. The canvas coat with a warm fleece lining is worn like a work shirt except it is far warmer and padded for work in cold climates. Even so, you may want to add a layer or two underneath the coat on those especially cold days.
Mens canvas coat:

Mens canvas coats pictured: Left: A&E Designs High Quality Dri-Duck Adult Maverick Quarry-Washed Canvas Jacket – Field Khaki / Right: Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Canvas Work Indian Vintage Jacket Coat Brown Beige Khaki

Canvas zipper tool bag

If you’re the go-to guy when it comes to fixing computers for your friends and family, or if you fix computers for a living, you know the importance of having all of your tools in one location. Keeping all your important tools in a canvas tool bag is a great way to be able to quickly grab your tools and go without having to look for what you need and possibly miss or forget something. In fact, if computer fixing is your business, then it makes sense to have one bag ready to go for clients, and another bag that stays at home. Much like a doctors bag.
Canvas zipper tool bag:

Canvas zipper tool bag pictured: Klein 5139C 12-1/2-Inch Cordura Camouflage Zipper Bag