Mens cargo camo shorts

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Whether you are hiking, fishing or just hanging out in nature on a hot summer day, a good pair of men’s cargo camo shorts are not only stylish, but also quite functional as they are designed with large “cargo” pockets on each side of the leg, as well as the two usual side pockets. Cargo pants also serve to keep you cool due to their being baggy and loose fitting which helps to keep you cool and dry.
Mens cargo camo shorts:

Mens cargo camo shorts pictured:
Left: Levi’s Men’s Ace Cargo Twill Short Camo Green
Right: Levi’s Men’s Covert Core Cargo Short, Tree Trunk Camo Gray

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Drawstring Cargo Pants

Apart from being quite comfortable in practically any casual setting, cargo pants, especially ones that include a drawstring, are also very comfortable as part of your workout attire. And if you are a dancer, or take any jazz or cardio dance classes, you will appreciate the cargo pants that not only have a drawstring at your waist, but also smaller drawstrings on the pant bottoms which can be pulled in for more active wear.
Drawstring Cargo Pants:

Drawstring Cargo Pants pictured: Old Navy Boys Drawstring Ripstop Cargos