Self-stick carpet squares

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If you’re concerned about the slippery floors in your family-room, play-room, basement, or even in your kid’s room, consider adding a few self-stick carpet squares strategically on the floor in order to minimize the potential hazard of your children taking a spill. Carpet tiles are also an easy way to lay down carpeting. No need for a professional to do the job.
Self-stick carpet squares:
Self-stick carpet squares
Self-stick carpet squares pictured: Peel & Stick Berber Carpet Tiles Set of 10 Gray by PPR Direct

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Hallway carpet runners

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a long hallway, the use of hallway carpet runners to keep your tiled or hard wood floors from being scuffed and damaged by children and pets is a popular solution to this problem. Make sure however, that the carpet runners you put down are skid resistant so that little kids and excited pets don’t slide all over the place when running up and down the halls.
Hallway carpet runners:

Hallway carpet runners pictured: Skid-resistant Carpet Runner by House, Home and More, in chocolate brown and camel tan.

Home carpet cleaning machine

If you live in a house that has lots of carpets to keep clean, a home carpet cleaning machine can be a relatively inexpensive way to keep your carpets clean without having to spend a lot on hiring professional cleaners to do the same job. Do remember that you will have to buy carpet shampoo, which is not cheap. Some brands can cost more than twenty dollars per bottle.
Home carpet cleaning machine:

Home carpet cleaning machine pictured: BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner, 86T3

Green patio carpet

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If you want to simulate the look of grass on your deck or patio, consider buying a “heavy turf” green patio carpet. Durable and easily cleaned, a grass like carpet can add a nice patch of greenness to nearly any indoor or outdoor area. A simulated grass carpet, alongside some plants and flowers can be a great look for apartment dwellers who would like a touch of nature on their balconies or cement patios.
Green patio carpet:

Green patio carpet pictured: “Heavy Turf” Bound Indoor/Outdoor Green Grass Area Rug 6’x8′ by Dean Flooring Company.