Cashmere zip sweater

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A cashmere zip sweater is not only very relaxed and comfortable but also luxurious and soft. As such, keeping your sweater in great condition takes a small bit of effort. That being said, if you happen to get a stain on your cashmere sweater, the best way to get the stain removed is to have the sweater dry-cleaned professionally. In a pinch, you could gently hand wash the stain out but you need to be extra careful so as to not change the shape of your sweater.
Cashmere zip sweater:

Cashmere zip sweaters pictured: Left: Wool Overs Mens Cashmere & Cotton Zip Cardigan, french navy / Right: Wool Overs Womens Cashmere & Cotton Zip Cardigan, sand.

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Mens cashmere blazer

If you fancy yourself a well dressed man and have a few bucks to spend on a casual blazer, pick up a  cashmere blazer. These blazers are the epitome of the elite set fashion sense and can instantly get you in the best restaurants and clubs. No more waiting in line to get into the VIP section or to get a table without a reservation. In all seriousness, some cashmere blazers, which are made exclusively in Italy, retail for $3, 495.00. So, if you can afford to buy this blazer, chances are you already get into the best clubs and restaurants. And if you don’t, well, at least you’ll look good waiting in line!
men's cashmere blazer 2
Mens cashmere blazer pictured: Sandals Cay Men’s Three-Button Cashmere Blend Sport Coat in Gray, Navy, or Tan

Cashmere Throw Blanket

For my fourteenth birthday, my sister Barbara bought me a cream colored cashmere sweater. I was so appreciative because cashmere was and still is expensive. I wore it with pride. Afterwards, a few years later I found out that it was a fake, a knock-off, but I didn’t care because it was a gift from my older sister and I loved her and it. Today I bought my sister a cashmere throw blanket for her couch. Cashmere throw blankets are a great investment because they last long and they become hand me downs.
Cashmere Throw Blanket:

Cashmere Throw Blanket pictured: Pure 100 Pashmina Cashmere Throw Blanket in 4 Ply Luxury Grade Juju 50″ W X 100″ L, color: cafe mocha