24 inch ceiling fan

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If you can’t sleep because of the heat, but don’t want to spend money on getting an air conditioner, a small 24 inch ceiling fan may be just the thing to keep you cool in the evening for a better night’s sleep. Juts make sure that when you go looking for a ceiling fan that you have an approximate measurment of the room the fan will be in. This way, you’ll get the benefits that a ceiling fan provides for the room size it is designed for.
24 inch ceiling fan:

24 inch ceiling fans pictured:
Top: Westinghouse 7247100 Quince Two-Light Reversible Six-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, 24-Inch, White Finish with Opal Frosted Glass
Bottom: Westinghouse Lighting 7222900 Origami Single-Light 24-Inch Reversible Six-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, Espresso with Opal Frosted Glass

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Ceiling wine racks

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Whether you want a ceiling wine rack because of its decorative flair or because of its space saving properties, you will need to make sure that your ceiling is indeed strong enough to accommodate the extra weight of full wine bottles. If there are no solid ceiling studs to mount the wine rack to, you may want to consider another option.
Ceiling wine racks:

Ceiling wine rack pictured: Checkolite P1011-71 Decor 1-Light Kitchen Wine Rack, Brushed Nickel

Floor to ceiling towel rack

There’s a saying in my family, “there’s no such thing as too many towels”! Living with four sisters, two parents and a dog, you can imagine how many towels we went through in a week. One of the greatest things we had though was a floor to ceiling towel rack that held a towel for each kid, plus mom and dad. And as an added bonus, the towel rack was one of those that would heat up, providing a small bit of pampering when getting out of the shower or bath.
floor to ceiling towel rack 1
Floor to ceiling towel rack pictured: Zenith Products Pole Caddy, White

Floor to Ceiling Cat Scratching Post

Cats seem to love to be high up, and observe their domain. Must be something they inherited from their ancestors. They also seem to love destroying sofas. This I can’t explain. A floor-to-ceiling scratching post lets cats climb up, have fun, and hopefully leave your furniture alone.
Floor to Ceiling Cat Scratching Post:

Floor to Ceiling Cat Scratching Post pictured: Whisker World Stairway to Heaven Cat Furniture, Beige. By Whisker World by General Cage

Floor To Ceiling Shower Caddy

Of all the types of shower caddies available, none will give you as much extra shelf space as a floor-to-ceiling caddy. They usually have four shelves, and they stay in place thanks to tension rods which are extended until they are securely in place. A great design.
Floor To Ceiling Shower Caddy:

Floor To Ceiling Shower Caddy pictured: InterDesign Rain Tension Caddy, Sand/Bronze