Green ceramic planters

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Whether for the back yard, front yard or on top of the fireplace mantle in your home, glazed green ceramic planters provide a colorful and classic look that adds a touch of elegance and beauty wherever they are situated. And while one ceramic planter may look like the next, be aware that not all are created with the same materials. Terra Cotta, polyresin, fiberglass, porcelain and even cement are the materials most widely used during the ceramic process. Make sure you know which type of ceramic you are purchasing so that the right material works in the conditions you will be exposing the planters to.
Green ceramic planters:
Green ceramic planters
Green ceramic planters pictured:
Left: Garden Odyssey PLYFP72616BB3 Glazed Milano Planter, Crackled Green, 16-Inch
Right: Dynamic Design Versaille Ceramix Planter, Classic Chic Style

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Ceramic rings for women

As strange as it may sound, there people who suffer from Nickel allergies, making it difficult to wear rings made from that metal or a combination of nickel and other metals. Ceramic rings however, are as beautiful as they are hypoallergenic, which means anyone can wear ceramic rings without an allergic reaction. They are also maintenance free while being scratch resistant and will tarnish or fade.
Ceramic rings for women:

Ceramic rings for women pictured:
left: Thorsten Rings ROSA Women’s Beveled Black Ceramic Ring with Pink Carbon Fiber Inlay – 4mm
middle: Crownea White Ceramic with Single Line Diamond CZ Narrow Ring Engagement Wedding Band for Women
right: Ceramic GestaltĀ® Brown Ceramic Ring – 4mm Width. Domed & Polished. (Avail. Sizes 5 to 14)

Ceramic corner shower shelf

When adding a ceramic corner shower shelf for convenient placement of soaps, shampoos or whatever else you need when taking a shower, you can either use a silicone caulk to install the shower shelf, or hardware. If you choose the hardware option, be careful when you’re mounting the shelf that you don’t over tighten the screws. This could cause your shower tiles to crack under the pressure.
Ceramic corner shower shelf:

Ceramic corner shower shelves pictured: Left: Corner Shower Shelf Wall Accessory White 8-1/2″x8-1/2″ by Daltile / Right: Corner Shower Shelf Wall Accessory Almond 8-1/4″x8-1/4″ by Daltile

You may want to get a shelf that has a spout – the kind that lets water flow out. Otherwise, when soap is left on the shelf, it will sit in water and start to get all goopy.

Ceramic knife set

They say that a chef is only as good as his knives, and while you may not be able to afford the price of a professional set of chef knives, you can still get a decent set that will last a life time if cared for properly. A ceramic knife set would be your best bet as it is practically the hardest material used next to diamonds. Ceramic knives will also stay razor sharp with an edge that won’t wear out if maintained well. They are also extremely sanitary and won’t rust like other blades. Ceramic knives may not make you an overnight Iron chef, but they will help you achieve kitchen warrior status in your own home.
Ceramic knife set:

Ceramic knife set pictured: Black Ceramic Knife Set- 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ with Red Handle + Peeler and Stand by Kingco

Ceramic soap dishes for showers

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One of the beauties of a ceramic soap dish is the way it can blend in nicely with most any style shower. Usually in white ceramic, to match the look of most shower tiles, a simple, clean design, sets the tone for a stated elegance that sets the ceramic soap dish apart from the chrome ones that are deemed more contemporary. Also, if you are changing out your current soap dish for a ceramic one, make sure to get one that has a slight lip to hold the soap in. There’s nothing worse than an attractive soap dish that has a hard time holding slippery soap.
Ceramic soap dishes for showers:

Ceramic soap dishes for showers example. Pictured: Kingston Brass BA9915ORB Templeton Ceramic Soap Dish with Holder, Oil Rubbed Bronze