Portable beach changing room

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While a portable beach changing room may seem to have just on primary purpose, there are in fact, a variety of uses for them. For example, it can also be used when camping out in the woods, on a small boat, at a pool party or at a photo shoot where there is very little privacy. If this is an item that will only get occasional use, look for the less expensive models. They do the job fine, and they tend to be lighter and more portable than the fancier models.
Portable beach changing room:

Portable beach changing room pictured: HYDL® Army Green Outdoor Camping Bath Changing Room Beach Tent, sold by Joyshipper.

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Pop up changing room

We often see it at the beach: someone holding up a towel, trying to hide a friend or relative from view as they awkwardly change into their bathing suit. If trips to the lake or ocean are rare for you, then using this method may be the way to go, however uncomfortable. But if you are a frequent camper or beach goer, then a pop up changing room may be worthwhile. Most are easy to set up.
Pop up changing room:

Pop up changing room pictured: Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter, Green/Tan

Also of interest: Waterproof Outdoor Standup Portable Heavy Duty Changing Room with Zipper Door Privacy Shelter Camping Room / Outdoor Stand Up Tent Portable Changing Room Cabana Privacy Shelter Tent (Carry Bag Included), both sold by sold by RVTravelMats