Green chenille bedspread

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Comfortable, warm and durable, a chenille bedspread should last you a good long time if you take proper care of it. There are basically two ways to clean your bedspread: by hand or by machine. If you choose by hand, you’ll need to soak your bedspread in your bathtub with some Woolite, cleaning off the stains and dirt manually, then gently press the soap out of the bedspread before hanging it to air-dry. If you decide to use your washing machine and dryer, make sure to use cold water and to use the delicate cycle. Also use the delicate cycle on the dryer if you don’t want to air dry, which should be your first choice.
Green chenille bedspread:

Green chenille bedspread pictured: Textile and Linen Rural Charm Collection All Natural 100-Percent Cotton Chenille Twin Size Bedspread by Textile and Linen

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Chenille bedspreads

Chenille bedspreads have the advantage of being patterned without having printed designs on them. The patterns exist because of the textured knitting that is used to make these types of bedspreads. They have a texture to them, and an old fashioned look. Some of them tend to shed however, so you may want to read user reviews before you buy.
Chenille bedspreads:

Chenille bedspreads pictured: Textile and Linen Rural Charm Collection All Natural 100-Percent Cotton Chenille Twin Size Bedspread. Come in full, king, queen, twin. Colors: Sage, Blue, Natural, Burgundy, Butter.

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Chenille throw

For the added feel of comfort, a chenille throw is a great addition to any living room, bedroom, family room or other room that you find yourself relaxing in. Even the front porch or backyard patio is a great place to wrap yourself up in a chenille throw as the sun sets. Just make sure that you know how to clean the throw. Some throws can be cleaned by your home washing machine while others need to be sent to the dry cleaners. As long as you know which is good for your throw then you can enjoy its comforts for a long time.
Chenille throw:

Chenille throw pictured: Jovi Home Utopia Chenille Throw

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Chenille bedspread

When we pick bedding, we tend to think first and foremost about color and size. An important aspect of fabrics that we may forget to consider is texture. Since designs on chenille bedspreads are created solely through texture, they offer a subtler approach to decor than printed designs. This is something you should consider when picking out your next bedspread, along with size and color, of course.
Chenille bedspread:

Chenille bedspread pictured: Columbine Cody Chantilly Chenille Bedspread. Color: sage. Available in Full, King, queen or twin sizes.

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Chenille throw blankets for sofas

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One of the great things about chenille fabric is that it will look a little different depending on the angle at which it is viewed. This is because of the way chenille is made. It reflects light differently at different angles. This is just part of the charm of this fabric.
Chenille throw blankets:
Chenille throw blankets
Chenille throw blankets pictured: Jovi Home Diva Chenille Throw. Colors: Mocha and Aqua.