Plastic chest of drawers

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When you live in a part of the world that has all four seasons, you may find that your clothes storage needs are a bit more demanding than someone who lives in a warm or hot climate all year round. If this is the case in your home, a decent plastic chest of drawers can come in quite handy and can easily fit in a closet, corner of your bedroom or even the basement or garage if need be. When one season is over, simply store the clothes nicely away until they are needed again.
Plastic chest of drawers:

Plastic chest of drawers pictured: Left: Iris 6-Drawer Storage System, Black/Clear / Middle: IRIS Premier Collection 5-Drawer Storage Chest, White and Natural / Right: Sterilite 01748501 4-Drawer Unit with Putty Handles, Light Platinum.

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Small chest freezer

A small chest freezer that one can fit easily in the garage or basement can come in quite handy when storing frozen foods that are too big to fit in a regular kitchen fridge. Some models can run on battery power, which can be very useful during a long power outage, and some can also be powered by a solar panel.
Small chest freezer:

Small chest freezer pictured: Sundanzer Solar-Powered Chest Freezer – 5.8 Cubic Ft., 30in.L x 40in.W x 37in.H by Sun.

Rattan chest of drawers

When shopping for a rattan chest of drawers or other furniture piece made from rattan, consider the effect that the over-exploitation of rattans is having on the planet. Nearly 70% of the world’s rattan harvesting comes from Indonesia, with the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh providing the rest. To satisfy a growing demand, rattan stems are cut too early, affecting the plants ability to re-sprout. Couple that with the pollution caused by the use of toxic chemicals and petrol used in rattan processing and you have the huge potential for environmental consequences on many fronts.
Rattan chest of drawers:

Rattan chest of drawers pictured: Natural Fiber Storage Chest – Three Drawer by ORIENTAL FURNITURE, in white and mahogany