Chrome soap dish

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Originally when my wife bought chrome soap dishes for the bathroom and kitchen sink I was a little skeptical. I figured they would not last and would most likely be all rusty within a few months. A year later I’m pleased to say that the chrome has lasted longer than anticipated and there’s no issues of wear and tear on any of the soap dishes. And truth be told, they look pretty sharp as well.
Chrome soap dish:

Chrome soap dish pictured: Steeltek SOHO Soap Dish, Heavy Chrome

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Chrome shower soap dish

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If you have installed a chrome shower stall in your shower area, you may want to compliment that with a chrome shower soap dish that is easily attached to the shower pole at any height you would like. This provides easy access to your favorite bar of soap that you might otherwise have to bend down to grab. This in itself is not a problem necessarily. But when you have a head full of shampoo, grabbing for the soap in an almost blind condition, can be a tad frustrating.
Chrome shower soap dish picture:
chrome shower soap dish image
Chrome shower soap dish pictured: Croydex Brompton Soap Basket

Chrome soap dish for shower

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Choosing a soap dish for your shower should not be a difficult thing. Juts take a look at what your overall scheme is and go from there. For example, if your sink and shower area is white with chrome faucets, then adding a shower soap dish matching the chrome setting would be wise. Of course, chrome anything works great in bathrooms, especially if you have crisp white walls to accentuate the chrome finish of your sink and shower hardware.

chrome soap dish for shower image
Chrome soap dish for shower pictured: Croydex QB513841YW Brompton Soap Basket, Chrome

Chrome dining chairs

Chrome was very popular in the fifties and several manufacturers make dining chairs with that retro look in mind. But there are more contemporary models available, which combine chrome bases with plastic, wood, leather, fabric, and other materials. I have not been able to find dining chairs made entirely out of chrome, though.
Chrome dining chairs:

Chrome dining chairs example. Pictured: ITALMODERN Sabrina Chair, Set of 2 by Euro Style. Color: white

Chrome Office Chairs

This type of chair can be all chrome, or leather with chrome legs. In any case, these chairs are very sophisticated looking and stylish for any home office. When you’re finished using it in the office, roll it on out into the living-room or tv room. Chrome office chairs fit into any decor or style, thanks to their reflective look.
Chrome Office Chairs:

Chrome Office Chairs example. Pictured: Baxton Studio Mesh-Backed Aluminum Office Chair, Black/Chrome