Clear outdoor string lights

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Whether you want to add some low level lighting to your patio, deck or backyard gazebo, a set or two of clear LED outdoor string lights should do the trick nicely. LED lights have a nice glow to them while not using much energy and they don’t get so hot that they would burn someone if touched.
Clear outdoor string lights:

Clear outdoor string lights pictured:
Left: Noma/Inliten 50 Count Light Clear Led Globe Set V47710-88 Christmas Lights Led/Energy Saving
Right: Clear Globe String Lights Set of 25 G30 Bulbs Indoor / Outdoor by Target

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Clear acrylic dining chairs

There’s something very modern, yet very retro about acrylic dining chairs. They look like something out of a late sixties science fiction movie. It’s a look that is very in vogue right now, focusing on white, silver, and transparency. Very elegant, clean and sleek. If that’s a look you may be exploring, then consider incorporating some clear acrylic dining chairs into your decor.
Clear acrylic dining chairs:
clear acrylic dining chairs image
Clear acrylic dining chairs example. Pictured: Acrylic Side Chair [Set of 2] Color: Clear, sold by Chintaly Imports.

Some of these chairs are made entirely out of acrylic, while others have metal legs.

Clear wedding shoes

If you would like to feel like Cinderella on that most important day of your life, your wedding day, you may want to think about buying clear bridal shoes to adorn your feet with. The problem is, you may not be able to find these specialty shoes locally, so it’s off to the Web you go. Do a search for clear wedding shoes and you’re sure to come up with a variety of styles and adornments that will make your wedding day truly a day to remember. Just don’t drop one on the chapel stairs like you now who! If however you need these types of shoes for a costume and you don’t care too much about quality, then you could go with cheap clear wedding shoes.
Clear wedding shoes:
cheap clear wedding shoes image
Clear wedding shoes pictured:
Damita-K Clear Jeweled Sandals Formal Wedding Shoes

Clear dining chairs

If you are having trouble deciding which color your dining chairs should be; if nothing seems to fit the decor, then you could consider clear dining chairs. Made of transparent acrylic, these chairs fit in with any other color, since they have no color. And, of course, they also look really cool.
Clear dining chairs:

Clear dining chairs pictured:
Wholesale Interiors Fay-506-Clear Accent chair clear

Clear Glass Spray Bottle

Plastic spray bottles are so common that they just tend to look cheap. A nice clear glass bottle however stands out. They have a wide variety of uses. You can use them to spritz water on your face or your hair, to spray your own home-made natural household cleaners, or even to dispense just a hint of oil into a pan. A great item to have handy.
Clear Glass Spray Bottle:

Clear Glass Spray Bottles pictured: Glass Perfume Atomizers, Black Sprayer 4ml ~ .14 oz (Set of 3, 6, or 10) by Riverrun

Clear Glass Spray Bottle pictured: Vivaplex, 12, Clear, 2 oz Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers