Home rock climbing wall for kids

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If you have the time, energy, financial means and the long-term commitment to build a home rock climbing wall for your kids, the benefits should greatly outweigh the initial amount of work involved. Whether you buy pre-made molded rock formation panels, or you decide to build it on your own, just make sure you have a large enough room to accommodate the materials and that you have the right tools and wall mounting hardware needed for a safe and secure rock climbing experience.
Home rock climbing wall for kids:
Home rock climbing wall for kids
Home rock climbing wall for kids pictured: Superior Traverse Climbing Wall Panel 8 x 4 With Mat by Everlast

Panels that have the “rocks” embedded in them can be bought by the unit.

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Outdoor climbing toys

As summer quickly approaches, the concern to keep children occupied and out of the house is paramount in many parents’ minds. One possible solution would be to set up a backyard “park” which could feature a small sandbox as well as outdoor climbing toys. This way, you could keep an eye on the kids while they play, slide, hide and squirm their way through the climber. A win win all around.
Outdoor climbing toys:

Outdoor climbing toys example. Pictured: ECR4Kids Activity Park

Toddler climbing toys

As much as we would like our babies to experience the wonders of nature and the great outdoors, we can’t always get them outside for an extended length of time where they can comfortably explore their surroundings given their speed and limited motion. A practical solution would be to purchase a variety of toddler climbing toys where they can jump, climb and crawl to their hearts content with normal parent supervision.
Toddler climbing toys:

Toddler climbing toys example. Pictured: Childrens Factory CF321-049 Soft Tunnel Climber

Outdoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

Having your kids play all day is a great way to get them tuckered out for the night, but you can also add a little challenge to their play-time with outdoor climbing toys for toddlers. There are a wide variety of climbing toys that are not only fun to play on, but they can also develop motor skills along with eye-hand coordination using the climbing features. Toys like a toddler Mountian Climber. It has four adjustable rock climbing walls, allowing your child to indulge in his or her climbing attempts with no safety risk.
Outdoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers:

Outdoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers pictured: Little Tikes Adjustable Mountain Climber