Plus-size faux shearling coats

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If you’re a plus-size gal looking for an alternative to the usually pricey shearling made coat, consider looking into buying faux shearling coats that are man-made and animal friendly, not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper. Faux shearling coats come in a variety of lengths and colors, but the most common look is a natural colored 3/4 length coat.
Plus-size faux shearling coats:
Plus-size faux shearling coats
Plus-size faux shearling coats pictured: Woman Within Women’s Plus Size Coat in Faux Shearling with Snap Closure, in dark pewter, nutmeg, and rich pine.

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Toddler wool blend coats

When it comes to keeping your little ones warm during the winter months, style might be the last thing on your mind as you look for coats that will protect your children from the harsh elements. A toddler wool blend style pea coat or hounds-tooth dress coat will provide both warmth and style for your little ones without costing you a fortune. Just keep in mind that you may want to buy such a coat one or two sizes up so that your toddler will get more wear out of it as they grow.
Toddler wool blend coats:
Toddler wool blend coats
Toddler wool blend coats pictured:
Left: Shampoo Girls Double Breasted Wool Blend Peacoat Jacket – Sizes 2T-16
Right: Velvet Chic Girls Double Breasted Wool Blend Peacoat Jacket – Sizes 2T-16

Slim fit coats for men

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No matter if you’re looking for a pair of pants, sweater, shirt or coat, dressing to fit your body type is an important part of your overall appearance and fashion sense. For example if you’re thinking that you’re going to look smashing in that slim fit coat you just noticed, make sure you have the body type to do it justice. If you are of average build or larger, chances are you’ll look quite uncomfortable wearing it and no matter how cool the jacket looks, it won’t complement your shape at all.
Slim fit coats for men:
Slim fit coats for men
Slim fit coats for men pictured:
Left: TheLees Mens Casual Slim Fit Double Breasted Button High Neck Wool Coat, wine
Middle: TheLees Mens Single Breasted Slim Fit Stretchy Jacket Blazer, beige
Right: TheLees Mens Unbalance Zipup Slim Fit PEA Coat Jacket, black

Wool trench coats for men

During the beginning days of fall or spring you don’t necessarily want, or need, to bring out your winter coat as it may be warmer than you need. You will however, need a jacket that will keep you both warm and comfortable from the cold wind and rain. A wool trench coat is the ideal “in-between” jacket that is always stylish and classic and can be worn in both casual and formal situations keeping you always looking sharp.
Wool trench coats for men:

Wool trench coats for men pictured:
left: Zicac Woolen Men’s Slim Fit Double Breasted Strap Trench Wind Coat Dresses Spring/Autumn Jacket Fashion Taste Classical Man Overcoat US Size XS, black
middle: Zicac Double Breasted Slim Fit Style Men’s Coat Wool Winter Jacket Peacoat Blazer Slim Fit Trench New, beige
right: GST Woolen Coat Winter Trench Coat Long Jacket Men, grey

Plus size womens trench coats

When you are a plus size woman, the way a coat flows down your frame is important. When looking to buy plus size trench coats, you may want to consider going with a medium length trench coat rather than a full length coat for both a style and fit that is flattering to most body types. Of course, you also want the coat to be comfortable, warm when needed, and able to block the wind and keep you dry during the rainy season.
Plus size womens trench coats:

Plus size womens trench coats pictured:
Left: Jessica Simpson Women’s Plus-Size Piped Trench
Middle: Ashley Stewart Women’s Trench with Faux Leather Piping Cool Bisque 12
Right: Calvin Klein Women’s Plus-Size Tomato Trench