College loft bed with desk

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I wish I had this type of bed when I was studying at college: a bed with a ladder and a desk attached to it. What a terrifically designed piece of furniture, and practical at that; great for college dorm rooms, shared college rooms, or anywhere with close quarters, like small apartments. Be aware that there will usually be some assembly involved with this type of bed.
College loft bed with desk:
College loft bed with desk
College loft bed with desk pictured: Dorel Home Products X-Loft Bunk Bed, black

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College dorm room chair

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There’s no doubt that college is an exciting time for many, and how you set up your dorm room, now that you are on your own, is an important measure of your character and personality, at least to the people who will end up hanging out in your room. Take the college dorm room chair for instance. Apart from the traditional computer or desk chair you’ll be using, what other chairs will you be able to offer your class mates when they show up to chill? Will it be the classic bean bag chair, or will you and your room-mate settle on a more conventional sofa/couch style seating arrangement?
College dorm room chair:

College dorm room chair pictured: Big Joe Modular Zip Corner Chair in Slate Smart Max Fabric by Comfort Research

College Loft Bed Frames – Student Loft Bed Frames

Dorm rooms, as a rule, tend to be small, which is why a space saver like a loft bed is so practical in the college environment. When a desk is already incorporated in the space under the bed, it becomes the perfect solution for students, because the desk takes up no extra floor space whasoever. Just make sure the bed is high enough to have ample head room when sitting down. This may not be true of the lower loft beds designed for young ones.
College Loft Bed Frame:
College Loft Bed Frames
College Loft Bed Frame pictured: Loft Bed Full Size Work Station by Coaster Home Furnishings