Coral colored bridesmaid dresses

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Bridesmaid dresses have a bad reputation for coming in the most horrible colors. This is a comical exaggeration, but if you want to avoid this cliche, a simple solution is to consult with your bridesmaid as to what colors they like, and try to come to a consensus. You may want to avoid bold bright colors, and go for something in a more muted or pastel hue. Coral is a good example of a color that isn’t too strong while being quite attractive.
Coral colored bridesmaid dresses:
coral colored bridesmaid dresses
Coral colored bridesmaid dresses pictured:
1- PacificPlex Lace Mesh Knee-Length Cocktail Bridesmaid Homecoming Dress
2- Hot from Hollywood Sheer Sweetheart V-Neck Empire Draped Flowy Evening Cocktail Bridesmaid Dress
3- Fashion Plaza Chiffon One-shoulder Bridesmaid Evening Cocktail Party Dress D0165
4- Ever Pretty Women’s One Shoulder Ruffles Padded Bridesmaid Dress

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Colored glass spice jars with lids

Whether you are using colored glass jars to keep your bulk spices organized, or you are giving away home-made food items like jams, jellies or pickles, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. One is that the jars need to feature an air tight seal-able lid to keep the freshness and quality up to par. And two, when buying colored glass jars, make sure that they are not just clear jars with tinted film wrap. If this is the case, the film may peel off and that may be something you don’t want happening.
Colored glass spice jars with lids:
Colored glass jars with lids
Colored glass jars with lids pictured: Glass Spice Jars by RSVP, Available in 3 vivid colors — green, red, or blue

Colored golf pants

When you hit the golf course, your attire is almost as important as your swing. With that in mind, remember to keep your appearance colorful and crisp. Wearing brightly colored golf pants and shirts will work best on a hot and sunny day while you walk the length of the fairway. And remember, the best dressed golfer will always wear socks that match the color of his or her pants. While adhering to strict golf fashion might not improve your stroke, at least you’ll look good on the course.
Colored golf pants:

Colored golf pants pictured: Left: J.Lindeberg Men’s Troyan Micro Twill Golf Pant, orange / Middle: Loudmouth Golf Mens Pants: Blue & Gold Mega – Size 42×34 / Right: Puma Golf NA Men’s 5 Pocket Tech Pant, Directoire Blue.

Colored Glass Bottles With Corks

Colored glass bottles are a wonderful and easy way to decorate a kitchen, but they are useful too. A corked bottle adds a rustic touch to the look of the bottle, and of course, it also helps keep the contents fresh. So for a practical and beautiful container, opt for colored glass bottles.
Colored Glass Bottles With Corks:

Colored Glass Bottles With Corks pictured: Colored Glass Bottle in Blue, Purple, Yellow and Pink w/Cork Stopper ~ 10″ tall

Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree

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Making a bottle tree is not just an ecological way to re-use empty bottles, it is a form of artistic expression. Small dead trees or bushes, instead of being uprooted now serve as a sort of canvas, and the paints are the colored glass bottles. A striking and gorgeous natural sculpture that glows beautifully when sunlight passes through it. To make one, you can use old bottles or purchase some in the colors of your choice.
Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree:

Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree pictured: Colored Glass Bottle in Blue w/Cork Stopper ~ 10″ tall, sold by Southern Trinkets.

You may go for an assortment of colors, or just one or two, depending on the effect you are going for. You can also change the bottles depending on the season.

Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree pictured: Colorful Plastic LED Solar Powered Bottle Lights, Hanging Glass Wine Bottle Landscape Lights Perfect Decor For Garden Yard Lawn Party 5 Color TARGOPOP