3-D Comforters

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If you or your children have themed a decorated room such as an animal, botanical, sports, or other theme, consider adding a 3-D comforter to tie the whole room together. These comforters offer a large dynamic print that not only takes up the full length and width of the comforter, but is designed in such as way as to look like a true 3-D image, without the glasses!
3-D Comforters:
3-D Comforters
3-D Comforter pictured: 3D Animal Bed Covers Oil Painting Tiger Bed Sheets Duvet Covers Queen King 2013 Popular Comforter Set 4Pcs by DIAIDI

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Black and white twin comforters

When decorating a bedroom, guest room or even a child’s room, you need to give some thought to what is going to tie the room together visually. If your decor is influenced by the clean lines of modern furniture pieces, you might want to consider using black and/or white comforters, shams and pillow cases to enhance the crispness of your decor. Black pillow cases against a white comforter, or the reverse, would definitely make any bedroom pop!
Black and white twin comforters:
Black and white twin comforters
Black and white twin comforters pictured: Jackie Twist Opposites Attract Bed in Bag Set, Twin, 6-Piece

Mens comforters

Guys may not tend to think too much about their bedding, so when it comes to men’s comforters, the usual black or brown themed colors are proven to be tried and true. But if you wanna take your bedding up a notch, try different color combinations that still retain a masculine flavor. Light Blue and light green for example work together nicely. Or if black is still your thing, mix it up a little with greys, creams and light browns for a pleasing change of pace.
Mens comforters:

Mens comforter pictured: Beverly Hills Polo Club Tri Panel 3-Piece Comforter Set

Beach comforters

During the cold, dark winter months, you may feel like you need a little something to bring back the warmth of spring and summer. In this instance try throwing a beach themed comforter over your bed along with some beach themed pillow cases. A beach comforter may not give you the same feeling as being at the beach, but it will keep you warm under the covers until the nice weather comes back.
Beach comforters:

Beach comforters example. Pictured: Seashells, Beach Themed, Nautical Full Comforter Set (8 Piece Bed In A Bag) by Tex Style

Tropical comforters

Turn your bedroom into a tropical paradise with a simple addition: a tropical comforter. Now of course thiswon’t fool you every time you enter your room, but if you accessorize your bedroom decor a little you might just get half way there. You’d be amazed at what a tropical print on your comforter can do, and if you grab a fake palm tree, paint your walls a sandy beige and add a sky-blue painted ceiling, then you’ll be all set for surf, sand and sun.
Tropical comforters:

Tropical comforters example. Pictured: Tommy Bahama Island Botanical Comforter Set, available in Queen, king, and California king.