Free standing commercial deep fryer

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Unless you’re running a greasy spoon from your home kitchen, chances are you don’t need a commercial deep fryer to make your kids a serving of french fries or deep fried chicken wings every now and then. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy a counter top deep fryer that can accommodate your needs nicely. If you are a restaurant owner however, there are plenty of models and sizes available at stores that specialize in restaurant appliances.
Free standing commercial deep fryer:
Free standing commercial deep fryer
Free standing commercial deep fryers pictured:
Left: Dean SR42G Gas Fryer
Right: Pitco Fryer 35c+s Lp Gas 35lbs.

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Six-burner commercial gas range

If you are the kind of adventurous cook that finds there just isn’t enough cooking space on your current stove, consider swapping your old stove for a six-burner commercial gas range. Not only will you have enough burners, but you will also have more control, speed and versatility than you would with an electric stove.
Six-burner commercial gas range:
Six-burner commercial gas range
Six-burner commercial gas range pictured: Premier Pro Series P36S148BP 36 Freestanding Gas Range – Stainless Steel by Premier Ranges

Heavy duty commercial garment racks

If you live in a space that has very little or no closet space, instead of cramming all your clothes in drawers, a heavy duty commercial garment rack can be quite functional as a way to keep your clothes from getting crumpled all the time. It also looks funky and is perfect for lofts, studio apartments and even as a clothes hanger for your laundry room. And if you like having yard sales, it’s a great way to display clothes rather than having them in piles.
Heavy duty commercial garment racks:
Heavy duty commercial garment racks
Heavy duty commercial garment racks pictured: Heavy Duty Steel 500 lb. Capacity Z Rolling Rack with 2 Hangrails by Quality Fabricators

Commercial TV stands

As much as the look and size of your average TV set has changed in the past ten years or so, so too has the TV stand. They are now more streamlined and modular looking with a variety of models and styles that can accommodate the smallest flat screen TV to a 60 inch screen home theater version. And for businesses, there are commercial TV stands, which are perfect for stores and trade shows.
Commercial TV stands:

Commercial TV stands pictured:
Left: 74-inch-tall Floor Stand for TV Between 32 and 42 inches, 2 Metal Shelves, Heavy Glass Base – Black by Displays2go
Middle: Audio2000s Ast-420y Flat Panel Lcd Tv/monitor Stand with Tripod Base
Right: LUXOR Mobile Flat Panel TV Stand – 29×131/2″ Shelves – Black

These stands are first and foremost about functionality.

Commercial ironing board

If you have a large family and find that you spend way too much time ironing sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, table cloths and everything else that needs to be ironed, you may want to consider buying a commercial ironing board that can easily take care of your most demanding ironing needs. And while the price tag may seem way to high for a “glorified ironing board”, consider the time you will save ironing larger items, let alone the cost of having third party businesses do it for you.
Commercial ironing board:

Commercial ironing board pictured: Miele : B990 Rotary Iron for Professional Results