White communion shoes for girls

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When you are considering buying a pair of white communion shoes for your daughter, it is important to consider the color of the dress she will be wearing. For most, if not all girls, the dress will be white, but there is a difference of shades which need to somewhat match the shoe color. You don’t want your daughter’s soft white shoes to contrast with a harsh white dress, or diamond white as it is often referred to, since that may make the shoes look less than white. It’s the small details that count.
White communion shoes for girls:

White communion shoes for girls pictured: TOUCH UPS BY BENJAMIN WALK Kids’ Jill Tod/Preschool, white satin

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First communion shoes for girls

As your daughter’s first communion is a once in a lifetime event, it’s no surprise that you would like your little girl to look as angelic as possible. A beautiful pair of white satin first communion shoes for girls can be the perfect compliment to the dress she will be wearing. For a simple, yet elegant touch, decorative embroidered flowers on the toe of the shoe makes a nice addition to the overall beauty of the shoe.
First communion shoes for girls:

First communion shoes for girls pictured: Top: Touch Ups Penny Dress Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) / Bottom: Jumping Jacks Martina Flat (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

If you think it is likely that the shoes will be worn once or twice only because they are white, you could get shoes that are dye-able.

Communion dresses 2013

It seems like every season there’s a new fashion sense replacing the old fashion sense. And while that may be fine for some, there are those who still like last years fashion…or even fashion from a few decades ago. One thing though, that will most likely never go out of fashion are simple and elegant first communion dresses for young girls. Whether it’s 2013, or 1913, there’s something timeless about a beaded white satin communion dress. Which is why a communion dress can be handed down through generations.
Communion dresses 2013:

Communion dresses 2013 example. Pictured: White Satin Communion Baptism Dress with Beaded Applique, by Swea Pea & Lilli

First communion dresses for plus size girls

A girl’s first communion is a very important rite of religious passage and it’s not surprising that every parent wants their daughter to look like little angels at the altar. And even if your daughter is a plus size girl, there’s no reason that she should look any less beautiful, or feel any less confident than the girls around her. A simple white communion dress should do the trick nicely.
First communion dresses for plus size girls:

First communion dresses for plus size girls example. Pictured: Lauren Madison Short-Sleeve Dress with Pearl Bodice (size 6x)

Beaded first communion dresses

When thinking about how to dress up your daughter for her first communion I would stick to the KISS rule…keep it simple silly…and there’s nothing more beautiful than a white first communion dress with a simple design of beads tastefully adorning the dress. Your little girl will look lie an angel from above. And when the communion is over, it’s a dress that can be worn to other special occasions.
Beaded first communion dresses:
Beaded first communion dresses
Beaded first communion dresses example. Pictured: Girls COMMUNION Dress BEADED LITO Special Occasion Wedding Flower Girl 7-14.