Corner component stand

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One of the areas of a room that tends to be ignored are the corners due to their awkward angles when trying to fit most things into them flush. This causes a lot of empty space that could otherwise be used. Apart from filling up this space with large plants, you could also use those spaces for small entertainment units. Corner component stands utilize the empty space nicely by providing an angle fitting unit that can house your flat screen TV and cable or gaming boxes.
Corner component stand:
Corner component stand
Corner component stand pictured: Walker Edison Bermuda 44-Inch Corner TV Stand, clear black

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Wall mounted component shelf

Back in the day, when TV’s were huge and bulky, you needed a floor-based stand or entertainment unit to keep the TV and all its related gadgets together in one area. These days however, with flat-screen TV’s you can place your TV on the wall and out of the way with a tidy wall mounted component shelf underneath to hold your cable box, DVD player and gaming console or surround sound amplifier. The result is a clean, uncluttered viewing area that everyone can enjoy.
Wall mounted component shelf:

Wall mounted component shelf pictured: OmniMount Blade1 Low Profile Single Shelf Wall Mount

Component wall shelf

With the sleek look of a plasma, LCD or LED flat screen adorning your wall, you may want to consider stylin’ your wall even more with the necessary DVD players, Blu Ray players and PVR’s sitting on their own individual component wall shelves. Before you do this though, make sure to take the time to line things up properly to make sure everything will be straight and well aligned.
Component wall shelf:

Component wall shelf pictured: Black Single WALL MOUNT Bracket SHELF for DVD VCR Player, TV Cable Box, Stereo Blu-Ray, AV Components by LUMI. Sold by Abacus24-7.