Contemporary wooden shoe storage cabinet

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If you find that your closet is running out of room due to your shoe collection, you may need to reconsider your shoe storage space. There are over-the-door canvas shoe holders or multi-tiered closet organizers that you can use. However, if you are looking for a stylish way to keep all of your shoes in one area, a contemporary wooden shoe storage cabinet will not only hold all of your shoes, but will look good in your bedroom, vestibule, entrance way or hallway as a contemporary furniture piece.
Contemporary wooden shoe storage cabinet:
Contemporary wooden shoe storage cabinet - 2
Contemporary wooden shoe storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Spartak Double Level Shoe Storage Cabinet, black
Right: Baxton Studio Simms Modern Shoe Cabinet, dark brown

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Contemporary valances

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It’s sometimes the little touches that can really make a room come alive. Adding colorful and contemporary valances to your window treatment is one way of sprucing up an outdated look or style. Just make sure that you take as many measurements as possible before you head out to purchase your valances, including the dimensions of the rod you will be using so that there’s no issue of ill-fitting grommets.
Contemporary valance:

Contemporary valance pictured: Jackson Grommet Valance – Available in 4 colors by Lorraine Home Fashions

Contemporary wood dining chairs

Adding contemporary wood chairs to your dining room may be just what you need to give new life to an old look. Modern dining room chairs are sleek, durable, functional, comfortable and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some contemporary chairs take into account a certain traditional quality that could fit nicely at your dining room table or at grandma’s, while other designs look like they belong in a museum of modern art rather than at the dinner table.
Contemporary wood dining chairs:

Contemporary wood dining chairs pictured: Left: Tierra Dining Chair Set of 4 by Zuo Modern / Right: 9 Dragons Chair Set of 4 by Zuo Modern

Contemporary waterfall bathroom faucets

One of the cooler things that has come around in the past few years is the waterfall bathroom faucet. In case you haven’t heard of this, it is a bathroom faucet, either sink or tub, that releases the water flow via a flat spout that can be made of chrome or glass. In fact, the glass version also has a model that when turned on, displays various colors via LED. Very cool indeed!
Contemporary waterfall bathroom faucets:

Contemporary waterfall bathroom faucets example. Pictured: Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet, Chrome by LITB

Contemporary style rugs

Adding a contemporary feel to your floors is as simple as laying down a contemporary style rug that will accentuate the character of nearly any room. And if you don’t want to commit to a large wall to wall rug, a stylish runner or medium sized area contemporary rug can add a blast of color and personality to your surroundings at a relatively low price. For less than $200.00 you can add a great design or patterned rug that will make the room look like a million bucks. Not bad for a few bucks.
Contemporary style rugs:

Contemporary style rugs example. Pictured: Home Dynamix Contemporary Catalina 4467, Black-Brown Area Rug