Corduroy bedspread

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A corduroy bedspread adds a nice look to any bedding set and should last you a long time depending on the quality and how one takes care of it. When it comes to cleaning corduroy, always make sure you check out the instructions provided for by the manufacturer. When in doubt, wash the bedspread in cold water on the hand wash cycle before placing it in the dryer using the permanent press cycle for delicate items.
Corduroy bedspread:
Corduroy bedspread
Corduroy bedspread pictured: Newpoint Microplush Corduroy Comforter Mini Set in black. Available in quenn, king & twin.

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Ralph Lauren mens corduroy pants

If you are looking for a quality pair of corduroy pants, one of the leading designers in mens wear, Ralph Lauren, would be a great place to start. When you do find a pair that you like, keep them looking like new by washing them inside out and then placing them on a line for drying. To keep your corduroy pants from getting wrinkled, simply dry them in a dryer on cool for a few minutes when they are almost dry from hanging on a line. Little things like that will keep your pants looking great for a long time.
Ralph Lauren mens corduroy pants:

Ralph Lauren mens corduroy pants pictured: Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 8 Wale Corduroy Preston Pants, in tan and dark brown.

Mens Corduroy Blazer with Elbow Patches

I guess at some point patches on jacket elbows were put there to cover up holes on old jacket sleeves, but now they are there more as a style than anything else. Over time the look – long associated with teachers – has become a classic. Perfect for the fall season, and great in combination with jeans and desert boots.
Mens Corduroy Blazer with Elbow Patches:

Mens Corduroy Blazer with Elbow Patches pictured: Original Penguin Men’s Gary Wan Corduroy Blazer. Color: pewter